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Fantastic views from the top of Mt Walsh. the climb can be difficult up at the last part. The trail is easy to follow if you have basic trail sense and is marked with flag tape and arrows painted onto rocks. No ropes are need but hand over hand climbing is required for the last part.

Picnic Facilities
Scrambling or Climbing
No Dogs Permitted
Eucalypt Forest
Maximum Elevation
Total Climb

Getting there:

Drive from Biggenden towards Maryborough along Maryborough-Biggenden Rd and approx 2.6km out of Biggebden you turn right into National Park Rd (this is well signed), then follow National Park Rd to the end where you will reach Mt Walsh Natiional Park (Mt Walsh Section) picnic area car park. Summit track starts from there.


None found.

Route/Trail notes:

The first part  of the walk is quite easy through bush with a well defined trail but as the walk assends you need to climb over rocks and through tight cravases. The top of the mountain is quite flat and can be explored easily, upon  return some sliding is required during the desent. Allow a good half day or full day if intending to hike in surrounding bushland


No cost as there is no camping allowed and no permits required.

Other References/Comments:

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GPS Tracks

  • No GPS available for this walk yet.


A fantastic walk! Constant incline and difficult at spots- the rock climb etc. loose rocks and rock faces can be slippery so do walk with caution!

Smyles on 23 Mar, 2019

Challenging terrain well worth the effort for the spectacular view tracks are not that defined and rocky ...usually some tape to guide you ..loved it

Jimmy h on 9 Mar, 2019

I love this walk! Great view from the top but must say that there is plenty of loose rock and the last 10-20 metres is a challenging scramble. Well worth it.

Flindersia on 15 Feb, 2019

Great hike/climb, one of my favourite to date, rewarded by magnificent views from the top . The rock scrambling part was fun and a good challange. That section isn't too exposed, so a slip is unlikely to result in a fall causing death or serious injury IMO.

Timmy on 28 Dec, 2018

If anyone has done Spicers Peak then you will know what you are in for because this was VERY similar. Up hill the whole way so mentally prepare yourself for that beforehand (no levelling out for a break). Starts with a steepish ascent then some easy scrambling to the summit (the most enjoyable part in my opinion). Nothing overly dangerous, Beewah is still the most intense scrambling I've done. Very well tracked, some possible opportunities to go astray but so long as you follow the biggest track and the ribbons on the scrambling parts, GPS won't be required. At the top I was a bit surprised to see other minor peaks in the ranges higher than Mt Walsh, including one a few hundred meters away. Went to go try my luck getting to the top of it but there is dense vegetation and no track and didn't look like there was any view there. Unlike the top of Mt Walsh which had an excellent 270 degree view. Took about 3 and a half hours to drive there from Brisbane and less time to climb it, enjoy the view and head back down, but still worth it!

Vonsnrub on 26 Dec, 2018

Great views once you get up to the top. The first half is a hard hike uphill, then a scramble to get to the top. It was a hot day, and took us 3hrs including 30min at top. Definitely wouldn't want to do it in the wet.

noniej on 13 Dec, 2018

Fantastic hike with some climbing required toward the summit. Great views from the top. The trail is marked with streamers and is fairly easy to follow. There is a nice picnic area, rainwater tank, and well-maintained toilets at the start of the hike.

Angelica on 11 Dec, 2018

Did not quite get to the top...will be back in September to conquer that

Stalena on 19 May, 2018

Do not recommend this walk when wet. My friends and I took on the mountain towards the end of a morning rain shower. This made the path extremely slippery.
The rock climb/scramble at the top was a moderate challenge, as we are not experienced climbers. Unfortunately we didn't get much of a view from the top due to a lot of cloud, fog and light rain, but some gorgeous lookouts on the way up/down.
I would not recommend this climb for young children. Take plenty of water and a first aid kit in case of any sprained or twisted ankles - either would be very easy to acquire, especially when wet and slippery!
Quite a fun, if challenging, walk despite the rain.

LaurenLiz on 7 May, 2018

Did this with my daughter and 10yr old granddaughter on a hot day. It was a challenge but we had quite a few rest stops on the way up. We all enjoyed the rock scrambling and climbing as it added to the adventure. The views from the top are spectacular and we spent close to an hour exploring across the top. All up it took us 3 1/2hrs. Will definitely do it again.

Lone Ranger on 13 Jan, 2018

Tough! Freaked out on the decent! Bring plenty of water

Bron GL on 4 Nov, 2017

Good walk/climb but do it early as it's very hot toward the middle of the day! Some scrambling/climbing involved. Probably the most slippery I have done (granite rock) but not particularly dangerous in the slippery spots. Take someone with you and some water. I think it would be easy to get lost on this one. Also went with Moura the local guide :)

J_Jenwren on 15 Sep, 2017

Bundy Ben on 29 Aug, 2017

4km round trip, took 1:30 round trip (not including the time spent at the top, which was 1+ hours). I would call it an easy* scramble (From the Canadian Rockies). If you know what a scramble is you can do this no problem. Some hands on scrambling is required but it has very little exposure. A fall would result in minor injuries. There is some steep flat rocks that would be treacherous if wet. So don't attempt when the rock is wet. Otherwise the path is well defined and marked the whole way. It was an easy fun day on a mountain 😀🗻🖒

*Difficulty grade*
1. A difficult hike = an *Easy Scramble = steep, some hands on may be required and little to no exposure.
2. A moderate Scramble = hand on climbing required, some exposure, a fall would result in major injury, helmets would be a good idea to protect from rock fall in the scrambling selections.
3. Difficult Scramble = lots of hands on climbing, high exposure, a fall could be fatal, rock for the more difficult scrambles is considered, helmet required.

C_Mountains on 13 May, 2017

Got lost on the mountain, never travel alone haha! Even getting lost still only took me 3 hours 15 mins return. Great climb :)

Emily on 6 Nov, 2016

Great walk, climb. I did this accompanied by an awesome local guide who as a young child walked all over this mountain with her dad collecting insects. Her name is Mora and lives in biggenden. She offers guided walks. Was pretty much up from the start with loose rocks and dirt. To get up top need to climb up some granite. You can do without ropes but is difficult at times. Would not do it in the wet. Mora mentioned there has been whispers about chaining this section but don't count on it. We left early and back at base by 10am. Would be a very hot track in the summer.Left from entrance just before biggeneden. Now the views are amazing pretty much all the way up and down and the top is flat and great to explore and chill. Leave yourself an hour to enjoy the top. This was my first ever difficult walk. I am fairly fit was a bit tough on way up but we were moving pretty fast, down no probs. But alot of loose stuff and had a few small rocks fall down the track. Hope this has been a help. Enjoy !!!! I will definitely be doing this again.

Leisa on 15 Oct, 2016

Nice hike - a little short. It is a long drive to get there from Brisbane.

SabrinaBlaas on 15 Mar, 2016

Hi There - can anyone provide a topological map of the mountain? I've tried contacting the local bushranger and parks offices - but no such luck yet. I am planning on going on Sunday to challenge myself to get to the top.
I know there is already a trail but I hear it is not always clear to follow. I gather at some point it's necessary to make your own way to the summit!


mattycoze on 4 Mar, 2016

The approach reminded me of the movie 'Picnic at Hanging Rock', as walls of rock tower above you in a impressive other-worldly fashion. There had been a recent fire which made the rock very visible. A sassy mountain with real attitude! There is a tricky chimney section that some people (me!) might prefer roped, but it is OK without, if you aren't afraid of moderate exposure.

Kaz on 5 Aug, 2015

Lovely time of the year for this mountain climb.
A few rocks and boulders getting to the top were a little bit moist but able to be manouvered around.
Took us just over 3 hrs return and that's with a good 30 mins on the top.

julieo on 27 Jun, 2015


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