Yul-yan-man Track

Glass House Mountains
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Breathtaking views of the surrounding mountains, rock scrambling challenges and diverse plant communities await you are you skirt Mt Beerburrum and then transverse the Trachyte Ridge, before reaching a heath covered bluff and descending into the open eucalypt forest below.

Scrambling or Climbing
No Dogs Permitted
Eucalypt Forest

Getting there:

Follow M1 'Bruce Highway' north from Brisbane for 55km. Leave the highway onto Steve Irwin Way, signposted Beerwah and Glass House Mountains Tourist Drive. After 4.5km turn left into Beerburrum Road (signposted Mt Beerburrum Lookout) and turn right after 900m into the trailhead for Beerburrum.


As part of the Glass House Mountains National Park upgrade, the access road and car park to Mount Beerburrum is now closed. Access to the Mount Beerburrum summit walk and Yul-yan-man track is now via the Beerburrum trailhead, located in the township, adjacent to Beerburrum State School.


Glass House Mountains

Route/Trail notes:

From behind the information board in the car park, the signposted precarious track heads off right around Mt Beerburrum. This 'Hard' 800m section, is not the base of the mountain, but about half way up and requires you to scramble over boulders, across bare rock face and along narrow ledges.

There are triangular distance markers along the route to help keep you on track.

From here, a 'Medium' rubble strewn track leads along the Trachyte Ridge to the first lookout on your left. The track continues along the ridge until you reach the 'bluff' and the second lookout to your right. You then have a steep slippery descent down to the end of the track (1km), where it meets the Trachyte Circuit.

From here, you have the choice to return by the same route, or an easier, but longer 5.5km option is to turn right along the Trachyte Circuit and then right again along the Soldier Settler's Trail.



Other References/Comments:

It is interesting, that as you walk along, different mountains come in to view, then disappear and another looms up.

A few people have had difficulty with this walk, so I have changed it from 'Medium' to 'Hard'.


Loved this track! Was well aware of the rock scramble for the first part of the walk, but wasn’t quite ready for the decent towards the end - a fairly smooth, almost slippery Rock slide. We managed it fine, but wouldn’t want to do it in the wet.
Definitely appreciated the Soldier Settlers track for the return walk.

MandaPanda on 17 Jun, 2020

Great track. It is incredibly well-marked and worn - so if you don't see a pink marker in a while then backtrack! We ended up getting off track in in the Mt Beerburrum section.. and had an arduous bush bashing journey to find it again. Took 3 hours in the 10km loop return via Soldier's - and that was with a significant delay in getting lost at the start.

ct__ on 12 Jun, 2020

We really enjoy this track. This is our second time. It's challenging in places and both times we've managed to lose the track. We've ended up in the same place both times, simply because you can't go any further. We don't think we're the only ones to do it, but the scramble down the hill to where you can see a pink ribbon on a tree is tricky. It's amazing how many people are doing this track now. It's not as busy as the mountain, but definitely more people than you would expect and many more than last time.

Ian and Sue on 2 Jun, 2020

This track is great! The scrambling was easy, and there were no long steep gruelling sections (thumbs up!) Don't bother with hiking poles, they are just a hassle to carry. Beautiful scenery. It was max 22 but still got hot, so go early if you can. Came back via Trachyte/Soldier-Settler's. Will be back and take in the full Trachtye and Tibro circuits. This is definitely in my top 3 fave SEQ hikes so far.

sarasvati on 30 May, 2020

We really enjoy this track. This is our second time. It's challenging in places and both times we've managed to lose the track. We've ended up in the same place both times, simply because you can't go any further. We don't think we're the only ones to do it, but the scramble down the hill to where you can see a pink ribbon on a tree is tricky. It's amazing how many people are doing this track now. It's not as busy as the mountain, but definitely more people than you would expect and many more than last time.

Ian and Sue on 24 May, 2020

Good walking offering some nice challenges and spectacular views.

Big Al on 4 May, 2020

I did this walk with my children and they loved every minute of it.

Victoria on 3 Apr, 2020

Lots of fun, a bit of climbing/scrambling first up & plenty of different terrain along the trail. Came back via Soldiers-Settlers track which made it easy as you are getting tired.Highly reccomended

Bribie 61 on 15 Mar, 2020

my favorite track in the GHM

andre on 28 Dec, 2019

I started this walk at around 06:00 and finished at around 10:00 after stopping to take lots of photographs along the way. The views of the surrounding mountains are stunning. I did not encounter any other people on this track but there were rock climbers/abseilers in the area.

You have to be comfortable scrambling/climbing over rocks (some quite large) in order to do this walk. In one section, you have to descend a steep rock face. I will post a photo of this.

I didn't encounter any snakes, just a lace monitor, toads, a leech and lots of interesting birds.

Do take lots of water- I finished my 3 litres by the end.

I would do this walk again- it's a fun adventure. I did this walk solo with no problems.

BalticAussie on 2 Dec, 2019

Good walk with some tricky parts mostly at the start just after the beerburrum carpark.

Did it in 2hr50min on a 32º day, taking a few stops along the lookouts while at a good pace rock hopping along the way. Returned to Beerburrum school carpark via Trachyte and Soldier trails, for a round trip of about 10.8km.

Take plenty of water. The views are great, the track changes so stays interesting and is not too crowded. Probably the best track of the glasshouse.

Greg Mac on 24 Nov, 2019

That was a great walk and we’re surprised it’s not better known because it’s really good though quite challenging. There’s lots of variety too. We work the alternative route back rather than back-tracking and it took three and a half hours. Along the way we met the man who posted in April about falling over the side. We saw him at the end of the track where it meets the trachyte track and can confirm that he has conquered the walk. He’s done well!

Ian and Sue on 17 Aug, 2019

Yes, won the rematch but took it very slowly. Nice chatting with you Ian and Sue. I still found it quite difficult myself, at least some sections (but overall varied and challenging) , even though I am far fitter and stronger than I was when I had my fall some months back. when the track was first opened. Others shouldn't be deterred. I passed a group just near the large rocky bluff at the end of YYM recently (yes, I was sniffing around) - male and female aged from their mid seventies to 84. Also met another 84 yo and his wife doing the track today. He left me sitting in his dust. Tells me he regularly does YYM and back via SS Trail in four hours. ... I wish ! Most people I talk to who have done YYM don't seem to find it that difficult, but I'm inclined to rate it Hard (as it was when it first opened) rather than Medium myself. It's by all means doable, just take care and stay within your comfort zone. One note of warning: there is a large white tree trunk across the track at 600-700 metres. Two trails start at the other side of the log - as I later discovered. Take the bottom,less obvious, one - that's the main track . I took the top one which is far more difficult and eventually requires that you make a very steep descent on your backside down to the proper track a couple of hundred metres later.

JBD4511 on 17 Aug, 2019

I really enjoyed this walk it's a hidden surprise. I've done many walks in the Glasshouse mountains over the years and didn't know this existed. The start of the walk is fairly steep and as a bit of rock scrambling but it's still very enjoyable as you walk around the mountain you get to see views of all the other mountains which is exceptional. Look-out on the top is fabulous spot to have your morning tea. There's a lot of variety in the terrain and the path but it's basically quite a comfortable walk. We went to the end and then came around by the Tracchyte circuit, lots of wild flowers in blossom and a sound of birds in the air will do this again - beautiful. 3.5hours.

Annette A on 9 Aug, 2019

Awesome track. I really enjoyed this one. we combined it with a slight detour to the Jack Ferris lookout and then a walk to the top of Beerburrum at the end. A nice walk.

Juiced Pixels on 7 Jul, 2019

Really enjoyed this walk, little bit of scrambling, some great views also. Did it in the rain and still was really enjoyable.

xxxNickyxxx on 6 Jul, 2019

Went solo on this one did it in just under 3 hrs the first section is very rough and extra caution is needed if its been raining navigation wasnt too bad but it woulsnt be hard to get lost at times as there r sections without trail markers till u eventually link up again on trachyte circuit i really would push for people to watch there footing during the rocky part and the boulders as i managed to trip and fall twice on large loose rocks and had a brief encounter with a baby brown snake apart from that it was alot of fun great views beautiful sounds of nature

mitchell baker on 18 Jun, 2019

Amazing walk - varied terrain and rock scrambling kept things interesting.

Whicheverway on Jun, 2019

What a wonderful track. With Mount Ngungun closed I started looking for new tracks and am now grateful as I may never have walked this track. I’ve now already done it three times. First time I underestimated how long it would take and ended up walking back along Settlers rd in the dark. Second time we took two cars and parked one at the Tibrogargan car park and walked one way. And the last time I walked from Beerburrum to the lookout and then back along the same track and then pushed my legs up Beerburrum for the sunset. It would have to be my new favourite in the area. :)

Zoem on 5 May, 2019

I did this walk about 8 weeks ago. and fell over the side (headfirst / backwards)and had just crawled back to the top when my phone rang - would you believe, RACQ Careflight looking for a donation. That's extortion. I told them to stuff the donation and just send a Medivac. To their credit they took me seriously and I had some difficulty reassuring them that I got myself into this mess, had a phone (obviously)and an EPIRB, and could probably get myself out. I did - several hours later as the sun was just setting and looking like I'd just done battle with a YOWI Monster. and not before a couple of more heavy falls along the way. I regretted that decision more than once. But great job these people do. I've since made a donation. I choose to do the trail backwards via Soldiers Settlers / Trachyite circuits thinking coming down the steep bit near the carpark would be easier than going up for a 68 yo man. ... wrong! My take on this walk is that it's very challenging but interesting and quite varied. It requires a good mix of technical skills, strength and stamina ( all of which I lacked after 8-9 months of continuous illness). Start early, take plenty of water as it's hot up there along the ridgeline and don't treat this trail as casually as I did. Will I do it again" absolutely, but the other way round next time - and when the cellulitis has gone and the MCL ligament I tore has healed and I get back to an appropriate level of fitness. I didn't see any myself, but I was told by another hiker he had seen five Eastern Browns when he did the trail a few days earlier - my swearing may have frightened them off. Thanks to the young man who gave me a lift from the trail carpark back to the School where my own car was parked. He only saved me a kilometer but it was going to be a hard one. For the record, there is supposed to be a tap somewhere at the Beerburrum Carpark but I couldn't find it. Perhaps someone can advise. I was pretty dehydrated by the time I got there even though I'd taken several litres of water with me.

JBD4511 on 23 Apr, 2019


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