Carnarvon National Park


Known for it's gorge with Aboriginal heritage.

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8.6 km return
4 hrs


Hidden inside the walls of the gorge is a 60m deep chamber, gouged from the rock by running water. Resounding acoustics add to the awe-inspiring atmosphere within the Amphitheatre.

10.8 km return
4 hrs

Art Gallery

Over two thousand engravings, ochre stencils and freehand paintings adorn the 62m-long sandstone walls of this significant Aboriginal site. The Art Gallery contains one of the best examples of stencil art in Australia.

1 km return
45 mins

Baloon Cave

Located within a gap in Clematis Ridge, Baloon Cave is part of an entry point to the gorge used by Aboriginal people for thousands of years. This short walk among the fan palms and cycads leads to a small sandstone overhang featuring a fine example of stencilled Aboriginal rock art.

30 km
12 hrs

Battleship Spur

Battleship Spur (Carnarvon National Park). Start at the Ranger Hut and walk up the gorge until you reach Boowinda Gorge. Walk up Boowinda Gorge and ascend gap in wall. Walk another 4km to the spur ascending 4 false summits and ridges. Take care on rock scree about halfway up to summit. Plenty of steps and markers to guide the way. Hard day walk recommended only for great walk months of the year. Take plenty of water. Possible Telstra 4G phone reception above scree and at summit depending on phone etc.

19.4 km return
8 hrs

Big Bend

A natural pool in Carnarvon Creek lies in an elbow of the gorge beneath looming sandstone walls. Rest here in the shade of large spotted gums and watch catfish and turtles swim in the tranquil waters of the upper reaches of Carnarvon Creek. A composting toilet and picnic table is located here. If you are planning to stay overnight at Big Bend, visit the park's visitor centre before you start, to record your trip details in the registration book, and log out of the book when you have completed your walk.

6.4 km return
3 hrs

Boolimba Bluff

Discover what lies above the cliff line and gaze out to distant ranges at Boolimba Bluff, which towers 200m above Carnarvon Creek. This is the only formed lookout track from the gorge. No other track passes through such a diversity of habitats. Early morning is the best time for this walk. The track involves steps, steep sections and one very steep section with 300m of steps and short ladders.

18.4 km return
6 hrs

Boowinda Gorge

Boowinda Gorge—18.4km return (5–6 hours) Class 4
Rock-hop into this sculpted side-gorge, 100m upstream of Cathedral Cave. The first kilometre of this boulder-strewn gorge is the most spectacular.

28 km return
8 hrs

Carnarvon Gorge

Great meandering walk following the Carnarvon creek

Very Hard
88 km
6 days

Carnarvon Great Walk

Walk the trails of the Carnarvon Great Wallk to experience a remote and beautiful landscape of towering sandstone cliffs, sweeping tablelands and shaded side-gorges.

The Carnarvon Great Walk links the Carnarvon Gorge and Mount Moffatt sections of Carnarvon National Park, an area of outstanding natural beauty and human history set within the highlands of the Central Queensland Sandstone Belt.

18.2 km return
6 hrs

Cathedral Cave

This massive, wind-eroded overhang sheltered Aboriginal people for thousands of years. A panorama of rock art reflects the rich cultural life of those who gathered here.