Carnarvon National Park

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28 km return
8 hrs

Carnarvon Gorge

Great meandering walk following the Carnarvon creek

Very Hard
88 km
6 days

Carnarvon Great Walk

Walk the trails of the Carnarvon Great Wallk to experience a remote and beautiful landscape of towering sandstone cliffs, sweeping tablelands and shaded side-gorges.

The Carnarvon Great Walk links the Carnarvon Gorge and Mount Moffatt sections of Carnarvon National Park, an area of outstanding natural beauty and human history set within the highlands of the Central Queensland Sandstone Belt.

380 m return
15 mins

Cathedral Rock - Mount Moffat (Carnarvon National Park)

A bluff of Precipice Sandstone with unusual rectangular patterns on its grey weathered skin. The walking track starts on the other side of the road from the orientation area.

5.8 km return
2 hrs

Circuit Walk - Mount Moffat (Carnarvon National Park)

5.8 km easy circuit walk that takes in the Looking Glass, the Chimneys and the Tombs. You can also do each separately.

1.9 km return
30 mins

Looking Glass - Mt Moffat section Carnarvon Gorge

Wind has eroded a cave right through an isolated pillar of Precipice Sandstone standing by the Maranoa River. Easy flat walk to this rock feature

600 m return
30 mins

Rock Pool - Carnarvon Gorge National Park

The Rock Pool has been carved from the bed of Carnarvon Creek by the turbulent water of past floods. Rest in the shade of fig and casuarina trees and watch for platypus and turtles. The picnic area includes toilets and gas barbecue. This is the only place in Carnarvon Gorge designated for swimming. If swimming, please do not jump or dive into the pool.

1.4 km return
30 mins

The Chimneys - Mt Moffat

Nice easy walk to some stunning sandstone rock features.

4.2 km return
1 hr

Tomb art site - Mt Moffat

More than 400 stencilled motifs (images) decorate the walls of a sandstone shelter below the bluff of sandstone known as The Tombs. The Tombs once contained burial chambers for local Aboriginal people. Skeletons were wrapped and bound in bark burial cylinders. Sadly, by the end of the 20th century, the site had been robbed of this material, leaving little evidence of an elaborate mortuary culture. Take a close look at the rock art from a boardwalk with seats.