A pleasant walk through open forest, pine forest and pockets of rainforest. A lookout over Somerset Dam is halfway. Parts of the trail cross the main driving/biking/horse riding tracks so be careful.

Maximum Elevation
Total Climb

Getting there

From the south, travel through Samford and Dayboro then follow Mount Mee Road (tourist route number 29) and Sellin Road into the park. From the north, turn off the D'Aguilar Highway at D'Aguilar, south of Woodford, and follow Neurum Road as far as Stanton Road, before turning right and right again into Rasmussen Road which leads to the northern entrance of the Reserve.

Route/Trail notes

Track is clearly marked. At the 7km mark there is a nice view of the Somerset and Wivenhoe Dams. Great place for lunch. Nice walk for first timers. It does cross a few roads so be careful of 4x4s, motor bikes and horses.


Lovely walk, amazing views

Tracy25 on 26 Jan, 2018

The walk was worth the views at the lookout. Easy walk, definitely not a hike. Would start the walk earlier as we completed it during the middle of the day. Quite a lot of nature around so be careful where you step. You can drive the sealed road from the south or the 4WD track from the North. We did both and it was great!!! Will do again in the cooler months.

Kristy-Lee on 18 Jan, 2018

Nice walk, not overly difficult but very hot (over 30 degrees today). Bring lots of water. Nice spot for lunch at the lookout. On a hot day taking my time it took me 4 hours with about 30 mins for lunch and regular breaks.

Julie on 7 Jan, 2018

Lovely walk, and I do mean walk. Though it is a longer "hike" it is still a nice walk. Would make for a good trail run. Gradual elevation change, easy to spot trail markers (they are numbered) and lots of critters on the trail.
The Gantry (where you park) has picnic tables, toilets, and non-potable water.
Beautiful drive there as well

Wanderingfox77 on 6 Dec, 2017

A nice walk - view points provided a good spot for lunch.

Leith on 5 Nov, 2017

First longer walk after my accident.

Linda on 13 Aug, 2017

4WD up to the lookout and exploded the trail and surrounding area. Beautiful spot, stunning for sunset!

courtlalala on 19 Jul, 2017

Beautiful view at the top. Found this a little hard on some of the hills.

Natty on 2 Jul, 2017

Beautiful view at the top. Found this a little hard on some of the hills.

Natty on 2 Jul, 2017

Pleasant 4 hr return loop with some atmospheric mist that unfortunately was mainly
concentrated on the edge of the escarpment blocking any views to the west.

Wig on 20 May, 2017

Pleasant walk through some rainforest. Be careful when crossing the roads, listen out for 4WD's. The track at the moment has a lot of debris on some parts due to bad weather but easy enough to follow. The lookout is definitely worth it. Mt Mee has a lot to offer. Go early and take a trip to Rocky Hole for a great swim afterwards!

Samuel Armstrong on 14 Mar, 2017

Great walk all year around unless it is very hot since it is quite open. Best done when no trail bikers who often do not observe the "no motorcycles allowed" signs, are around. I was with a group of hikers last weekend who almost had one run head long into us on one of these posted sections. Note their rego plates and report them since they tear up the trails and are an accident waiting to happen.

btw there are two ways to do this track, the "relatively flat" and the "not so flat". At the "roundabout" (approx 300m from Picabeen circuit turn off), there is a arrow that points to the right. This is the "relatively flat" option (sign posted 1-13) while going straight will give different "not so flat" option (sign posted 13-1). I've done both and the "not so flat" option is definitely a step above the "relatively flat" option in difficulty.

Keith on 19 Feb, 2017

Not sure how someone said it was mostly flat but it is a lovely walk. We had a couple of stops but did it in two and a half hours. Its worth the drive to Mt Mee to do it.

mrbenno on 28 Jan, 2017

We did this walk on a beautiful Australia Day Morning and it took us 3 hours and 15 minutes including the rest stop at the look out. A really lovely walk although its probably even nicer when the weather isn't so hot. Easy navigation with plenty of signs. There was only one spot where we came out onto the road and didn't see a sign telling us which way to go. We headed up the hill on the left and very quickly found the sign indicating the road crossing and which way to go. Lovely walk and we only saw one other couple the whole morning.

Bobbe on 26 Jan, 2017

Nice walk, mostly flat. Don't expect a grand "lookout", we found a better view just up the path. Took 3 hours in total, only stopped for 5min at the lookout and a couple of times throughout the trail. The path is clear but keep an eye out for signage posts, of you're looking down you migjt miss them. Great way to spend a Sunday morning!

Hannah Stanley on 11 Dec, 2016

Easy walk. Done in just over 2 hrs. Lovely view for not a lot of effort.

Charifaith on 9 Nov, 2016

After reading the comments on here I was expecting a mostly flat walk with a few steep hills. Nope. It's mostly uphill! We ran the downhills and flats but the majority of it is uphill. The scenery is fabulous: the rainforest section a bit slippery after rain, the pine forest section a nice change from the walks I've done previously, and the eucalypt section much more beautiful than I expected (epic trees!) We did it in 2hr 20 plus about a 10 min break at the lookout.

sarasvati on 17 Jul, 2016

Lovely walk. Took us 3 hours including a short stop at the lookout. A few steep sections but the rest is relatively flat.

Jasmine on 10 Jul, 2016

Lookouts are spectacular considering there is very little effort (elevation) to get there.

Steve on 26 Apr, 2016

Awesome walk, few nice hills nothing too steep though. Excellent views at the half way point. Great walk took 3hrs 50 minutes got a wee bit of a sweat up.

Stuart on 1 Apr, 2016


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