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600 m return
15 mins

The Pebbles

Kunjarra, The Pebbles are a natural rock formation surrounded by myth and legend; a women's place. Kunjarra is believed by the Warumungu Aboriginal people to be related to the Devils Marbles and are a sacred site where a number of dancing and healing rituals have been traditionally carried out.
Due to the significance of the site, visitors are asked not to climb on the rocks.

1 km return
1 hr

Tnorala (Gosse Bluff) Conservation Reserve

According to Aboriginal belief, Tnorala was formed in the creation time, when a group of women danced across the sky as the Milky Way. During this dance, a mother put her baby aside, resting in it’s wooden baby-carrier (tarne - pronounced tar-na). The carrier toppled over the edge of the dancing area and crashed to earth where it was transformed into the circular rock walls of Tnorala. The Aboriginal and scientific interpretation of the Bluff are similar in that both have a celestial origin. Scientists believe that around 142.5 million years ago anobject from space, believed to be a comet about 600 metres wide, crashed to earth, blasting a crater some 20 km across. Today’s landsurface is about 2 km lower than the original impact surface and the
bluff is about 5 km in diameter, reduced over time by erosion. The remnant crater was named Gosses Range by the explorer Ernest Giles in 1872 after H. Gosse, a fellow of the Royal Society.

2 km return
1 hr

Trephina Gorge Walk (Trephina Gorge Nature Park)

This walk can initially be enjoyed by either walking directly down into the creekbed or alternatively by walking up along the gorge rim. This loop walk which commences at the creeks edge, provides scenic views of the sheer red cliffs towering over the treelined creek. Close observation may reveal the presence of the shy Black-footed Rock-wallaby

16.5 km one-way
2 days

Waleka Walk

A walk in the Nitmiluk National Park.

1.5 km return
45 mins

Mt Cahill

A short walk to Mirral Lookout from the viewing platform atop Mt Cahill, one of only a few vantage points to view the floodplains below.

2.3 km return
90 mins

Nourlangie (Burrungkuy)

A circular walk that takes you past an ancient Aboriginal shelter and several outstanding World Heritage rock art sites, that includes an impressive 'Lightning Man' image. A short climb to Gunwarddehwardde Lookout provides impressive views of Kakadu's escarpment and extensive savannah woodlands below.

2.2 km return
75 mins

Ubirr Rocks

A circular track that takes you past several fascinating Aboriginal rock art sites. A moderately steep 250m climb takes you to Nadad Lookout that offers a 360° view of the surrounding floodplain, with the Arnhem Land escarpment to the east.

1.6 km return
30 mins

Florence Falls

Spectacular double waterfall, set amid the monsoon forest, cascades into a swimming hole. A lookout proving a panoramic view.

Very Hard
42 km one-way
3 days

Tabletop Track

A 40-50km circuit in Litchfield National Park in the Northern Territory: the length depends on which access track is used to access the circuit. The walk goes through an arid and often burnt landscape, but is punctuated by beautiful waterholes and creeks. There's a pretty good chance you'll have one of the three camping sites to yourself.

1.6 km return
45 mins

Tolmer Falls

Tolmer Falls is one of the most spectacular falls in Litchfield National Park. The falls cascade over two high escarpments into a distant, deep, plunge pool. The bottom of the falls is home to several colonies of rare Ghost Bats and Orange Horseshoe Bats.