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Walks in Lord Howe Island

4.6 km return
3 hrs

Goat House Cave

A steep climb through wet rainforest till you reach the cliffs of Mt Lidgbird at 400m and to your left is the large volcanic cliff overhang know as Goat House Cave, with its spectacular views of the settlement on the one side and Ball's Pyramid on the other.

3.9 km return
2 hrs

Intermediate Hill Loop

This is a steep and demanding climb to the summit of Intermediate Hill, with its spectacular views at 250m above sea level. The descent to Smoking Tree Ridge is equally steep and extra care should be taken on this section of the walk.

3.8 km return
3 hrs

Malabar Hill Circuit

Old Settlement Beach, Max Nicholls Track, Kim's Lookout, Malabar Hill and the Catalina plane wreckage all in one hit. With its fantastic view down the island to Mt Gower and the towering cliff edge and bird life on the other, this has got to be everyone's favourite walk. You even have the option to drop down to Ned's Beach on the way back for a swim and to hand feed the kingfish.

Very Hard
12.3 km return
8 hrs

Mt Gower

Not for the faint hearted, this 875m very special guided climb to the top of Mt Gower and the 'cloud forest' is the highest easily accessible rainforest in the world.
Mt Gower is rated one of Australia’s best day walks and the hike is a challenging eight hour return trek, complete with rope-assisted climbs and dizzying drops.
Walkers traverse over 12km across the mountain’s rugged terrain, encountering some of the island’s rarest plants and wildlife along the way.
Standing atop Gower’s iconic peak, amongst its misty forest, walkers experience breathtaking 360° views of the island and its crystal blue waters.

7.1 km return
3 hrs

Mutton Bird Point and Boat Harbour

This track follows the beautiful coast line to Mutton Bird Point; a birdwatchers heaven, with its Masked Boobies, Sooty Terns, Common Nobbies and Wedgetailed Shearwaters (nesting in summer). From there you pass through Curly Palms, Blackbutts, Greybarks and Hopwoods to Rocky Run Creek and then wet rainforest to Boat Harbour beach.

4 km return
90 mins

Transit Hill

An easy walk along Bowker Avenue and through a dry rainforest of Greybark, Palms, Blackbutt, Maulwood and Sallywood trees, before following the pathway above Pinetrees Paddock to the viewing platform and then drop down to Blinky Beach.