New Zealand

Walks in New Zealand

10 km return
3 hrs


Urupukapuka is an island criss-crossed with walks. The article covers the main ones.

Walks in North Island NZ

7 km return
6 hrs

Fanthams Peak

Very Easy
334 m return
15 mins

Huka Falls Lookout Walk

A short walk to views of the powerful Huka Falls which could fill 5 Olympic swimming pools a minute with its flow. The falls vary from 7m to 9.5m and are situated on the Waikato River which is the longest river in New Zealand and the only river to drain Lake Taupo.

1 km return
45 mins

Kaiate Falls (Te Rerekawau)

A walk along Kaiate Stream to see multiple waterfalls and views of Mt. Maunganui out across the valley.

14 km return
7 hrs

Kauaeranga Kauri Trail - Pinnacles Walk

Moderate 2.5-3 hour climb (one way) through the stunning Kauaeranga Valley to the Pinnacles Hut.
The summit is a further 45 minutes from here. You can do an over night stay at the hut and complete the summit at sunrise (recommended).
Follow the gravelled path and staircase. From here you will have to do some scrambling and negotiate a few metal ladders along with metal rungs to get to the top and take in the stunning views.

Once you've soaked it all in, return to the hut, pick up your pack and head back down. You can return via the
Webb Creek Track or Billygoay track with the former being the shorter route.

The tracks are well marked and impossible to lose.

5.5 km return
90 mins

Lake Tikitapu (Blue Lake) Walking Circuit

A walking circuit around a lake in the Rotorua region.

46 km one-way
3 days

Lake Waikaremoana

Trace the shoreline of Lake Waikaremoana, the ‘sea of rippling waters’, through giant podocarp rainforest, remote beaches and rugged mountains with stunning views.

800 m return
20 mins

McLaren Falls Park Waterfall Track

A short walk in McLaren Falls Park which takes you to Marshall's Falls and there are some overhangs that house glow worms on the right hand side of the creek when looking upstream.

4 km return
2 hrs

Mount Manaia

A steady walk with a lot of stairs to the lookout near the top of Mount Manaia. Very distinctive mountain with massive rock pillars on top of it. There is a rough track leading to the furthest pillar which you can climb up.

7.4 km return
5 hrs

Mt Karioi

About an hour west of Hamilton lies the extinct Volcano known as Mt Karioi. The track starts off fairly steep through grassland and then thick forest on a very well marked track. Upon reaching the ridgeline you are greeted with excellent views that only get better the higher you go. After the initial climb the walk is fairly undulating until you reach the summit. There are a few ladders/stairs/near vertical ascents where you have the aid of a series of chains but nothing too challenging. The track, though well marked, gets very muddy, so if you decide to attempt this after wet weather be prepared to wreck the clothes you're wearing because you almost certainly will slip at some point. There is a helipad at the very top with 320 degree views out to the Raglan Harbour and beyond.