Great Otway National Park


Great Otway National Park is found South West of Melbourne.

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2.5 km return
90 mins

Beauchamp Falls

A steep walk down to an impressive waterfall.

2 km return
45 mins

Hopetoun Falls

A very picturesque waterfall in Great Otway National Park.

2.2 km return
30 mins

Lower Kalimna Falls

A walk near the Great Ocean Road that follows an old trolley way that was used for hauling timber many years ago. It takes you to a waterfall that falls over an overhang into a pool below.

1.5 km return
35 mins

Melba Gully

A beautiful walk in the Otways, known as one of the wettest places in Victoria.

3.5 km return
90 mins

Phantom Falls

A walk to one of the many waterfalls in Great Otway National Park, not too far from the Great Ocean Road.

It appears this walk is permanently closed but there is little to confirm this online. Please edit this walk and provide details if you have them.

500 m return
20 mins

Stevenson's Falls

A short easy walk to an impressive waterfall.

8.5 km return
3 hrs

The Canyon

To get to The Canyon, follow the track at the north side of Sheoak Picnic Area. Crossing Allenvale Road and then Sharps Track, you will find Wonwondah Falls. Later there is Henderson Falls, very pretty when there has been recent rain. The the walk continues through the canyon and then the next stop is Phantom Falls, again more beautiful when there has been some rain.