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Daves Creek Circuit (Binna Burra)
19 Apr, 2015
12km return
4 hrs
Great walk! Took us almost 5h at a very leisurely pace with frequent stops. Expected more of a gradient but walk was pretty flat throughout. You pass through lots of different kinds of vegetation which keeps things interesting. Started at 8am on a Sunday and didn't encounter anyone else for the majority of the walk, until we rejoined the border track on the way back to Binna Burra. Quite a few nice picnic spots around the 5km mark. We chose a little lookout to have stop at (around the 4.7km mark, where the track splits and the right one takes you to the lookout a few metres down the path). But there's also Molongolee Cave and Picnic Creek just a bit further along - they both offer rocks/logs for seating.

Spotted quite a bit of wildlife. A lyrebird just after the turnoff from the Border Track and several pademelons, lizards & snakes. And of course you're always surrounded by birds.
Already planning on doing this walk again!
Pitta Circuit (Queensland)
5 Apr, 2015
1km return
30 mins
Did the 1km circuit at a slow speed - took us about 30min. Great 300 year old fig tree. A very easy & enjoyable walk varying between open eucalypt & rainforest. Spotted a pademelon along the way.
Atrax Circuit (Manorina National Park)
5 Apr, 2015
1 hr
750m return track that took us about 20min. It was very muddy after the heavy rainfalls over the Easter weekend. The longer track leading off from this circuit was closed off when we were there - undergoing repairs until the end of April 2015.
Somerset Trail (Brisbane Forest park D'Aguilar National Park)
4 Apr, 2015
13km return
3.5 hrs
Very enjoyable walk although it took us close to 5h to finish (at a leisurely pace stopping frequently to look at wildlife/plants). After heavy rain some of the creek crossings were a bit tricky and parts of the track were very overgrown.
Bull Falls Lookout (Brisbane Forest park D'Aguilar National Park)
3 Apr, 2015
1.1km return
30 mins
Easy walk leading to two lookouts over waterfalls. Did this walk in the rain but as you're mostly under canopy this didn't really bother us. Took us about 25min at a slow pace.
Mill Rainforest Walk , D'Arguilar National Park (Queensland)
3 Apr, 2015
3.1km return
1 hr
We drove down the 1km to the car park and started the walk from there, so it was only a 1.1km circuit which took us about 45min. Although it's an easy walk there was a large fallen tree to get around and one of the creek crossings was a bit tricky after recent heavy rainfalls. Did this walk in the rain but you're mostly sheltered by the canopy. A couple of leeches.
Did really enjoy this walk - some boardwalks around large trees along the way. Also spotted various wildlife - pademelons, butterflies, birds, frogs.
Border loop walk - Border Ranges National Park (New South Wales)
25 Jan, 2015
Very Easy
1.2km return
45 mins
Great views from lookout right at carpark. Very well maintained toilets.

Nice little loop walk. Maintained ok.

Eucalypts dotted around.

Took about 45min.