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Pomona to Lake Macdonald (Sunshine Coast)
11 Jan, 2015
14km one-way
Good relaxing walk just note the distance and plan accordingly.
Completed the full 28km return trip
Minyon Falls Loop (Nightcap National Park)
24 Dec, 2014
6.8km return
3 hrs
December 24 2014
Currently very little water off the falls (think leaking shower head) and the pool at the base needs a good wash out before its worth swimming in.
Wait for some needed rain if you want to see the falls otherwise its still a great walk.

See my other comments for this walk.
Mt Boulder Round Trip (Woondum National Park)
10 Nov, 2014
12km return
-See other notes for the Mt Boulder trail-
The 10km section of trail (the long way back) is a good walk and can be very relaxing although can be a good trail run too.
Curtain Fig NP (North Queensland)
23 Sep, 2014
Very Easy
36 mins
A really amazing site.
Barron Falls Lookout (Barron Gorge National Park)
22 Sep, 2014
Very Easy
1.2km return
45 mins
Quite a spectacular set of falls even in the dry season, can only imagine how it would be in the wet after rain.
Josephine Falls (Wooroonooran National Park)
19 Sep, 2014
1.6km return
1 hr
Awesome waterfalls, bring your swimmers for a cool dip!
Mount Stuart (North Queensland)
16 Sep, 2014
3 hrs
Hard work with little to see until the top unless you are lucky enough to have MTB riders tearing down the side trails.
As mentioned its hot even in the dry season and fairly exposed so bring water and sun protection.
Castle Hill (North Queensland)
15 Sep, 2014
1.7km return
1 hr
Good walk up with great views from the top.
Expect allot of company as it seems half the city does this everyday.
Wheel of Fire walk (North Queensland)
12 Sep, 2014
2 hrs
Excellent walk with well marked path and the option of a cool swim at the end.
Be aware that if you arrive late the light drops off quickly as the mountains block out the sun before it fully sets.
Capricorn Caves (Queensland)
11 Sep, 2014
1.5km return
1 hr
Not exactly a bushwalk but still well worth the trip and entry fee as the caves are something special.
I wasn't lucky enough to have a live singer in the cathedral but the tour guide played music which was enough to get a sense of the acoustics.