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Mt Walsh Waterfall Creek (Utopia Falls) (Mount Walsh National Park)
7 May, 2018
3km return
1 hr
Easy walk to the rockpools, more care is required when navigating around the pools themselves, as some areas are quite steep and rocky, as well as being slippery when wet.
Did this walk on a damp day, but still enjoyable. Water was lovely and the other walkers went swimming.
Young children may struggle with the rocky surrounds of the rockpools, especially when wet. Fine for most older children and adults.
Mt Walsh (Mount Walsh National Park)
7 May, 2018
4km return
3 hrs
Do not recommend this walk when wet. My friends and I took on the mountain towards the end of a morning rain shower. This made the path extremely slippery.
The rock climb/scramble at the top was a moderate challenge, as we are not experienced climbers. Unfortunately we didn't get much of a view from the top due to a lot of cloud, fog and light rain, but some gorgeous lookouts on the way up/down.
I would not recommend this climb for young children. Take plenty of water and a first aid kit in case of any sprained or twisted ankles - either would be very easy to acquire, especially when wet and slippery!
Quite a fun, if challenging, walk despite the rain.
Baldwin Swamp (Wide Bay Burnett)
Jan, 2018
3.3km return
1 hr
Friend and I went geocaching around the park.
Very flat, easy concrete pathways, suitable for bikes, prams and walkers alike. Whilst several pathways pass directly under colonies of flying foxes, you can definitely avoid them (as I preferred to). Nice park, though not at all challenging, and tailor-able to your time and length preferences.