Climb to a lookout at the base of Glen Rock. This walk provides great views down the valley carved by Blackfellow Creek and a good overview of Glen Rock Regional Park.

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Getting there

Start from the log hut across the road from the Casuarina Rest Area. Details for getting to the Casuarina Rest Area are available in the Glen Rock description.


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Route/Trail notes

Looking from the hut towards Glen Rock on the right, you should be able to make out a vehicle track winding its way up the slope. Take note of this, as you'll be spending most of the walk on it!

To find the start of the track, make your way up the slope to the right of the hut and travel cross-country towards the vehicle track. Depending on current conditions, there should be some goat trails across the grassy field. You should encounter the vehicle track fairly quickly. From there simply follow the track as it winds back and forth up the hill.

You'll obtain multiple opportunities for great views as you rise, and if you're lucky, a selection of magnificent spider webs which are worth a pause and a photo.

You'll eventually reach the top of the ridge and the track will become more overgrown, following a fence-line part of the way. This point gives a good view and is a suitable stopping point, however the track continues on to the bottom of Glen Rock, though the last little bit is a decent scramble. According to my guide book, the top of Glen Rock isn't achievable from this point and I didn't attempt it. There's an obvious ridge behind the rock though and it's likely that you could use that as an access route, though not from this walk.

Other References

Neil McKilligan and Ian Savage, "Bush Walks in the Toowoomba Region", Third Edition, USQ Press, 2001


GPS Tracks

  • No GPS available for this walk yet.


Easy-to-follow path with beautiful views of Glen Rock and the valley below. Not much shade cover, and watch out for a few slippery spots with loose gravel surface. My 4 & 6 year old handled this hike with only minimal grumbling on the climbs.

The grassy area behind the wooden hut was very overgrown so it took 5mins or so to find the start of the track. (Now we know to head to the right hand side of the hut & up the little hill towards Glen Rock, not following the bunny trails that head down into the gully directly behind the hut).

Steph T on 8 May, 2021

Assuming this is to get to the lookout on the saddle inbetween the two ridges, but I started at Casuarina day use area instead and found it easy to go straight out the maintained walking trail SE. The whole way was recently mown, the views from the lookout are worth the steep final few hundred metres even despite a light drizzle. I kept going up the ridge, the trail keeps going through an unlocked gate, but it seemed to wind around the ridge at the same altitude and was very overgrown.

Angus Small on 18 Feb, 2021

Relatively easy hike , just the last couple 100 meters are a bit steep. Few trees blocking the view (but only if you want a panoramic pic).

J on 25 May, 2019

A great hike & can be combined in a full day walk via Glen Rock, following the tableland to Red Rock and Mount Philip. Glen Rock can be negotiated by it's northern base. The ridge track (next to a fence) leading to Glen Rock once the 4WD track ends becomes narrow with a short scramble.

exo karpos on 20 Feb, 2011

I'm adding this entry well after the actual trip up the rock so I could be getting it incorrect, but to my knowledge we did get to the top of the rock and assailed down. We definitely did absail down something. We were with friends who had done this before, and knew where they were going though.

Ian and Sue on 7 Jun, 2008


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