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Pages Pinnacle is a 400m high tertiary rhyolite volcanic plug on a ridge between Springbrook and the Numinbah Valley. It is located above the Nerang River within the Numinbah State Forest. The Yugambeh people called the pinnacle kundohikulli meaning rock shaped boat. The pinnacle, similar to other ancient volcanic landmarks in the Gold Coast and northern New South Wales hinterlands, is an acid volcanic rock containing at least 66% silica. The view at the top of the Pages Pinnacle overlooks Hinze Dam.

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Getting there

From the Gold Coast, follow Nerang Murwillumbah road and turn left onto the Gold Coast Springbrook Road. Approximately 2-3 kilometres after the turn-off, there will be a car park which is next to the Scouts Numinbah Camp Site.



Route/Trail notes

From the carpark, walk around the gate on the right and follow the fire trail. When you come to the first junction turn right. Then turn right again at the next junction, then left. You should be walking uphill for quite some time. When you see the pinnacle on your left, look for a small cairn near a large gum tree. The gum tree has 'PP' carved into it (DO NOT MAKE ANY MORE MARKINGS IN THE TREE) (ALSO NOTE there is a tree earlier on that goes to the base of the ridge, do not take this track). This is where you turn left to follow the track up to the ridge all the way to the pinnacle.




3h30m walk, would have been shorter but I got lost. The instructions on this (AB) site are good, although seem to take you away from the peak at first. I thought I knew better and walked a couple of km I didn't need to. Please don't make my mistake!
When you're on the right track, it just seems to go uphill for ever. Turnoff to left clearly marked The Pinnacle on a tree. Excellent scramble over razorback at top; bad place to fall off; but outstanding views when you get there. Might as well do both peaks, but second one is a bit overgrown, limits photo options. Definitely a good walk!

John F on 9 Aug, 2019


Juiced Pixels on 6 Aug, 2019

Been wanting to get out and get this hike done for a while. Finally had some time spare to get it done. Awesome hike, just wish I had of worn my trail shoes instead of sneakers for the scramble up top. Will be back in better shoes to reach the very end of the scramble in the future

AT165 on 27 Jul, 2019

Amazing views. Ridges very fun, but be careful.

Mkos on 3 Jul, 2019

Amazing views, keep left and head down to reach the main peak.

Garth on 1 Jul, 2019

Awesome walk

Jenny on 15 Jun, 2019

This is my first proper climb in the Gold Coast area, definitely one to remember. We took the first turn off and went as far as the base of the ridge before turning back; I'd like to explore that area one day, does anyone know if it leads to anything worthwhile? Anyway, we continued on the fire trail, but missed the PP tree shortcut. We continued another 200m or so and took the footpad instead. The views on the ridge and the first peak are pretty breath-taking; scrambling along the ridge is definitely not for the faint-hearted, but is really not as difficult as it looks. We down-climbed directly from the first peak to the saddle (north-face of the first peak), but we're both pretty confident in our climbing, so I'd suggest you follow the GPX Kingi uploaded if you aren't as crazy as we are. The vegetation on the second peak is currently more overgrown than at the first peak, so the views weren't as good.

K38 on 31 Mar, 2019

The rating on this is fairly accurate - a good amount of fitness is required due to the length and elevation, but it's definitely doable. It would be easy to miss the turnoff to the ridge, but it is marked by the rocks as described in the other comments. The ridge itself is a lot of fun to scramble over and you can continue on through to the peak, however this portion of the path is a bit overgrown - be prepared for some spiderwebs and scratches! The additional exploration will add to the time needed, so expect to spend 3-3.5 hours on the overall walk. Although a lot of the trail has shade, there is little shade along the ridge so be prepared for that. The trail itself also did not get much of a breeze despite it being a blustery day in general on the coast, so we were warm the whole way - I'd suggest starting early in the day. Overall, an interesting and worthwhile hike.

Rhi on 12 Jan, 2019

Great walk with awesome views. Trail head was easy to find but we missed the best turnoff for Pages Pinnacle. The four cairns that you may see pictured were simply a pile of rocks when we did the trail although there is a tree with PP carved into it that will also mark the way to the climb. Otherwise you'll get a little higher and see the trail fork. Take the hard left to get to the razorback.
There is a little exposure but should be comfortable for those with a little hiking experience. Don't forget to hit the second summit which is slightly higher (~30m odd). Find that in the GPX file I've uploaded. Essentially you're heading back along the ridgeline and downclimbing off the western side or backtracking enough that you hit a bath. Then you hug the bottom of the west side of the ridgeline where you'll head north to get to another peak with views over the dam. Less exposure this way and fantastic views. Well worth adding to the trip.

Kingi on 28 Oct, 2018

Father’s Day walk to the top. You can walk past the summit and do a bit more exploring north. Great views over the dam.

Juiced Pixels on 2 Sep, 2018

It’s an easy walk up to Pages Pinnacle but it’s also very easy to get lost. I used the wikiloc website for directions and that helped me keep on track. When I arrived at the razorback ridge I realised I may have bitten off a bit more than I could chew...there were steep drops on either side and I wasn’t game enough to scramble across the rocks. So unfortunately I didn’t get to see the stunning views from the top of Page’s Pinnacle but it was a lovely walk nonetheless. Pages Pinnacle is not for the faint hearted (or those scared of heights)!

K8 on 15 Jul, 2018

Loads of fun. Easy to miss the turn off from the fire trail but use Wikiloc app. I’d rate this more difficult than it is due to ridge line which could make lots of people scared, and there’s a bit of scrambling down and back up from the saddle. Great views all along the riddgeline - no views from summit as overgrown.

Juiced Pixels on 13 Jul, 2018

Great fun walk with a bit of scrambling. A lot of the walk is fire trail, but worth the walk.

Karin on 24 Jun, 2018


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