Mackay, Isaac and Whitsunday

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What are the standout bushwalking features?


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Council Areas:

  1. Isaac Regional 
  2. Mackay Regional
  3. Whitsunday Regional
  4. Livingstone Shire

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2.8 km return
90 mins

Araluen Cascades Track

From Finch Hatton Gorge picnic area, a moderate circuit with uphill sections leads you through lush rainforest and between granite boulders to the lookout above Araluen Cascades. If you are keen to swim, observe safety signs, jumping and diving into the water is prohibited. Variable water depths, submerged rocks and logs, and fast flowing water combine to make this activity extremely dangerous. Accidents have resulted in serious injury and a number of deaths

5.1 km return
1 hr

Chance Bay

Chance Bay is a secluded beach and bay a short walk across the headland from the famous Whitehaven Beach. Add Solway Circuit for views over the area.

8.2 km one-way
90 mins

Clark Range Track

A walk through picabeen and Alexandra palms, linking the Broken River Car Park with the Sky Window Car Park.

2.5 km return
90 mins

Coral Cove

Two different access points on either side of the island, to a quiet private beach facing South. With a swing and some palm trees. Half hour walk from East Side Entrance. An hours walk from Scenic Trail entrance

8 km one-way
2 hrs

Credition Creek Track

A walk that follows Broken River through rainforest, linking the Broken River Visitor Area with the wishing pool Circuit.

1.6 km return
30 mins

Granite Bend Circuit

An extension on the Rainforest Discovery Circuit that takes you through rainforest and along Broken River.

5 km return
2 hrs

Passage Peak

Good walk with steep section at the top. Great views

13.9 km one-way

Passage Peak and Escape Beach

A combination of trails on Hamilton Island in the Whitsundays that combines sunrise from Passage Peak, a stop at the remote Escape Beach and views from the Resort Lookout. These can also be done as three separate walks. Stunning views from Passage Peak, which is the highlight of this walk.

780 m return
20 mins

Rainforest Discovery Circuit

A short walk through rainforest with information boards and pictures by local school students.

4.2 km
2 hrs

Wheel of Fire walk

Walk through rainforest and beautiful cascades through Finch Hatton Gorge. Track to Araluen cascades also joins on here. Excellent and popular waterholes - water is beautiful blue and crystal clear!