Mount Beerburrum

Glass House Mountains

A paved but very steep walk leads 700 metres uphill through a small area of rainforest, then winds up through eucalyptus woodland to a fire tower. There is a 360 degree view of the Glass House Mountains and other parts of South East Queensland from the summit. On a clear day, Brisbane CBD is visible too. when decending the fire tower, go down backwards as you would with any ladder, several people have tried to go down forward and had very nasty accidents.

Bird Watching
No Public Transport
No Dogs Permitted
Eucalypt Forest
Maximum Elevation
Total Climb

Getting there:

Follow M1 'Bruce Highway' north from Brisbane for 55km. Leave the highway  onto Steve Irwin Way, signposted Beerwah and Glass House Mountains Tourist Drive. After 4.5km turn left into Beerburrum Road (signposted Mt Beerburrum Lookout) and turn right after 900m onto a short gravel road to the start of the Mount Beerburrum Lookout walk.


Glass House Mountains

Route/Trail notes:

Get to the track before lunchtime to enjoy your time at the top. Be prepared for a steep hike that doesn't end until you are at the top. Some seats along the way to take a rest on. Take plenty of water. I would confidently take my 2wd Hilux along this track wet or dry, and I doubt my mothers Corolla would have troubles either. Great views from the first floor of the fire tower.




Summited Beerburrum today after doing Tibberoowuccum and Tibrogargan prior. I don't recall when it happened, but the trees surrounding the fire tower have been cleared or cut back and so the view has opened up considerably.

For those who haven't completed this walk before, know that it isn't very long but that it's relentlessly steep. Along the way, there are three seats carved into rocks along the side of the path at similar intervals. The gradient lessens a little around these points so they're good spots to seek respite from the testing ascent.

Today I got to the top and returned to the carpark all in 18 minutes, walking briskly upwards and running downwards. The sign at the trailhead recommends that you allow one hour, but even a relatively unfit person will probably not take so long unless they take some time to rest, eat, and/or take photos at the summit. Beerburrum is excellent for training. I've seen different types of people all training for something here, from the Kokoda Track to Mount Everest.

Happy hiking and I wish you the best.

meadharry on 28 Oct, 2018

A short, steep walk to start the day

Stephen M on 16 Sep, 2018

A paved but very steep walk to the summit. Extensive views from mount cooroy in the north to the CBD of Brisbane. Took about 45 mins at a leisurely pace.

Troy on 10 Sep, 2018

Short but painful - paved the whole way but I swear to god it has to be a 45/50 degree incline (or it feeles like it). Dont wear hiking boots - you need more ankle movement AND the paved path is like sandpaper on those expensive boots. Beautiful view at the top. Path is smooth, but too steep to be called "wheelchair accessible" unless you're one of those "strong man" types that pulls planes in competitions.

QldClimberWalker on Jul, 2018

suprised it was indeed completely paved, but as it's so steep, you're legs feel this one. Enjoyed it! (and I don't envy the pavers...)

Marc Wingelaar on 24 Jun, 2018

A steep track up as soon as the concrete starts a great leg work out!
6 times in a day was definitely a work out!!

Juanita on 9 Jun, 2018

Trekked up and down 6 times in a row for Kokoda Trail training.

Steve on 9 Jun, 2018

Kokoda Training

Juanita on 9 Jun, 2018

Kokoda Training

Juanita on 9 Jun, 2018

Kokoda Training

Juanita on 9 Jun, 2018

Kokoda Training

Juanita on 9 Jun, 2018

Kokoda Training

Juanita on 9 Jun, 2018

Great exercise for legs and butt! Steep walk but not too long and some paved paths, nice views from the top.

Dean on 20 May, 2018

To say this is a very steep track would be a bit of an understatement. I found the climb gruelling and I'm relatively fit. Within two minutes of starting I was struggling. The climb is relentless all the way to the top, the gradient doesn't really back off at all.

I felt like I was going at a snail's pace but made it to the top in 16 minutes. Reading other comments though and maybe it seems I went a bit too hard.

It started to rain once I reached the top which was refreshing but not great for coming back down. The descent is equally as taxing on the body as you really have to use the muscles in your thighs.

Would not recommend this climb to anyone who has question marks about their fitness.

The view at the top was ok but not exceptional. You can get to the first level of the fire tower but from there you can barely see over the canopy. Seeing the rain clouds envelop the other mountains and the mist rising from the dense forests below was quite a sight though.

smnbgr on 19 Apr, 2018

Steep track as soon as you hit the paved pathway. Nice short walk to the top. Took 21 mins up. 17 mins coming down. Great lung workout!!

Steve on 15 Apr, 2018

Although this is a nice paved track, it is incredibly steep. "Feel the Burn" is an understatement. The views once at the top are fantastic.

Glam78 on 3 Apr, 2018

Short and sweet mountain, steep paved path leading to the summit. Fairly consistent steepness the whole way up. At the summit you can climb to the first level of the firetower and get a nice view of the other Glasshouse Mountains. Guy up there said he saw a brown snake on the way up, we didn't see it but we did catch a congo line of hairy caterpillars.

Vonsnrub on 28 Mar, 2018

Much easier this time without the wet path. Forgot how constantly steep it was. Worth it for the views.

Kristy-Lee on 26 Jan, 2018

This was #2 of a 6 peaks in one day challenge I did with my daughter, daughter-in-law, and 12yr old granddaughter. Short, steep walk gave our legs a good work out. View from fire tower okay but not as good as Wild Horse Mountain or Mt Ngungun. Take insect repellent as there were a lot of mozzies.

Lone Ranger on 8 Jan, 2018


Annette A on 2018


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