Grab some magnificent views from the first of Girraween's dominating Pyramids.

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Getting there:

The track starts from the picnic ground on Pyramid Rd. Follow the directions on the Girraween National Park page.

Route/Trail notes:

Follow the signposted track starting from the picnic ground. The track crosses over the creek on a concrete bridge along the same track as the Granite Arch track. Follow the signposts to the base of the pyramid.

Here the track becomes quite steep - the reason for the difficulty! Keep heading up the track till you leave the forest and start up the exposed granite. The track is marked using Girraween's standard white markers. Just follow this up until you hit the top!

As with all of Girraween's granite it can become very slippery when wet and should not be attempted in damp conditions. The walk is also quite exposed so be prepared if you're wary of heights.

Make sure to check out the balancing rock on the Northern side of the summit and enjoy the views of pretty much everything else in Girraween - Castle Rock, The Sphinx, Mt Norman and even to Bald Rock in NSW.

There is no walking track to the second pyramid. Climbing it requires technical rock climbing skills

Other References/Comments:⊂=pyramid&page=gi_pyramid


Completed this walk/climb/scramble with my two boys over the school holiday. The short walks through the bush were lovely with a large resident Grey Kangaroo soaking up some sun right beside the track.
The climb to the top was a bit of a challenge and personally, I would avoid following the white marks in some areas and scramble over the rocks instead.
The trip back down was a bit hair raising to begin with (having a heavy back pack on didn't help), and at the time I said I would not do this one again, but now that my nerves have settled, I would do it again.

Glam78 on 30 Jun, 2017

This walk/scramble definitely got my heart rate pumping and also reminded me of my fear of heights. In saying that this would be my favourite hike I've completed thus far and not a hike I'll forget anytime soon. The rock formations, the views, the wildlife and the accomplishment of making it up and down is truly so special. MUST DO! Tip: Spend a night at Bald Rock Creek Campgrounds, you can access the track from the grounds and they have hot showers, flush toilets and clean facilities. If you're interested check out my YouTube video of our epic hike up the Pyramids.

caus_91 on 14 Mar, 2017

Loved this walk. Yes can be a bit steep if you are not used to this kind of thing. I feel its safe though as theres plenty of rocks to hold onto and support you as you climb. Beautiful view from the top. Add me on insta to see images @anzie95

Annalise Burton on 5 Jan, 2017

I'd recommend camping at Girraween National Park for a few nights so you can check out all of the great walks in this area. The pyramid is unique, as you have the opportunity to walk on a steep incline up granite. Pictures from all of my walks and climbs are on instagram @teniille

A peak a week on 26 Sep, 2016

Really nice walk with great views. Got a bit steep towards the end, wear shoes with good traction

AliT on 27 Aug, 2016

Its a fantastic walk, I am Twelve and this walk was great! The huge granite ledge was wonderful to scramble up. And the views at the top were Amazing! Definitely recommended, despite trying to find it. But it was all good :)

Flynn Wake on Mar, 2016

I didn't complete the last 5m or so -- it was at that point that I froze with fear on the bare granite slope! However from where I was, the view was still easy to appreciate when I would allow myself glimpses of it.
I never thought I was afraid of heights, but now I think I am. :)

Dvette on Jan, 2016

An amazing view from the top. Loved the climb but feel it is a little too dangerous, one slip and you could roll off the side. Bring shoes with good grip!

Rob Nicholson on 14 Nov, 2015

A-MA-ZING. Quite challenging climb, especially in the end, but very much worth it.

lndsmet on 8 Nov, 2015

As a 64 year old female (with fibro-myalgia) and 69 year old male it was quite a challenge but what a wonderful feeling when you come to the summit and have achieved it.

Grace on 13 Oct, 2015

This was my fourth visit to the Pyramid, the walk and views never ceases to amaze me. A true Qld gem.

surfoz on 8 May, 2015

The walk looks much harder than it is but there were a lot of toddlers running around the top. Heaps of fun with great views!

Alice on 4 Oct, 2014

I have done this walk a few times now but recently tried it with our 3 year old son. He loved it! I wrote a blog post with some pictures I took so he can look back and be proud of himself when he's older.

He's done a lot of walks now and he gets so much out of it.
Who says its too hard to take kids bushwalking? Start them young I say!

Amanda on 30 Aug, 2014

Surprisingly higher than I expected .. but not a difficult climb. Incredible view's of this spectacular National Park from the summit. The Balancing Rock is certainly quite amazing ..

DrummerJeff on 29 Mar, 2014

A climb not for those who suffer vertigo. Was a lot of fun! very steep but totally worth it. peaked in under 30 min from the bald creek day-use area

mkemp28 on 19 Feb, 2013

nice exposed walk with stunning views

B_T on Jul, 2012

Had a great time trying to scale this rock, following the path set out only lead me to a patch of very wet granite and a steep drop :p so I decided to head back down and tackle it another day. Amazing views from where I did get too, got nice Photos of a complete rainbow arching over the National Park.

Stellar on 30 May, 2012

Nice rock, exposed but safe.

S_V on 2012

As always such great views. Camped the night up there to get sunset and sunrise photos. But more unexpectedly we ended up with the most amazing photos and videos of Wedgetail Eagles gliding in the early mornings.

Boris Zoubakin on 18 Jul, 2010

We set off from Brisbane at 02:00 ( the -O- is for oh my god its early !!!!) We stopped at 06:00 in Stanthorpe for a coffee and a quick snack then continued on our way to Girraween.

On arrival a the park it was full of kangaroos. So we wondered around checking out the information centre the toilets and just generally watching the kangaroos eat and play around with each other.

By this time we were making preparations, packing the backpack organising water and keeping a light jacket on since it was quite cool around 20 degrees c.

Our plan was to take as many pictures as possible along the way since we didn't know when we would be coming this way again. So off the granite arch we went.

You really start to feel small inbetween all these huge granite rocks everywhere. After some time at the granite arch we made our way back to the track heading towards the first pyramid.

Then "The steps of doom start" :-) As i was walking along these steps i'm thinking "just put one foot infront of the other you'll be ok " We broke through the tree line to reveal the bottom of the first pyramid !!! :-O

From this point on just follow the standard white paint markers going up the face of the rock. And when you reach the top......


We set up our brunch campsite cooked up something to eating and proceeded to go through 2 memory cards, so many photos so little time.

Eventually when we have enough time we'll climb the second pyramid. I would base camp in the provided campgrounds.

Another day.... Another walk....

Boris Zoubakin on 21 Mar, 2010


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