Grab some magnificent views from the first of Girraween's dominating Pyramids. If the climb doesn't take your breath away, the views of Balancing Rock, Second Pyramid and over Girraween National Park will.

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Getting there:

Girraween NP is situated approximately 260km by road south-west of Brisbane. To reach the park, turn off the New England Highway 26km south of Stanthorpe or 30km north of Tenterfield onto Pyramids Road. The winding bitumen road continues a further 9km east through the Wyberba Valley to the park's Information Centre and day use picnic area.

An alternative road from Stanthorpe to Girraween via Eukey and Storm King Dam has some gravel sections.


Girraween National Park Walks

Route/Trail notes:

Follow the signposted track starting from the day use and picnic area. The track crosses over the creek on a concrete bridge along the same track as the Granite Arch track. Leave the Granite Arch track by following the signposts to the base of the pyramid. Here the track becomes quite steep - the reason for the difficulty! Keep heading up the track till you leave the forest and start up the exposed granite. The track is marked using Girraween's standard white markers. Just follow this up until you hit the top.

As with all of Girraween's granite it can become very slippery when wet and should not be attempted in damp conditions. The walk is also quite exposed so be prepared if you're wary of heights.

Make sure to check out the balancing rock on the Northern side of the summit and enjoy the views of pretty much everything else in Girraween - Castle Rock, The Sphinx, Mt Norman and even to Bald Rock in NSW.



Other References/Comments:

A good level of fitness is required to make the climb up The Pyramid as the ascent of the exposed rock face is steep and may be tiring. Take your time to rest and enjoy the view.

With so many bushwalking options in the park, why not take advantage of the excellent camping facilities at Bald Rock Creek or Castle Rock

Girraween National Park


During the arctic wind blast, -1 degree and 90+km/hr winds.
Nice easy walk if you have grippy shoes

Peter Hill on 10 Aug, 2019

Very windy climb today, but an absolute must-do granite monolith.

JayWalker on 10 Aug, 2019

We had perfect winter weather (dry and little wind) for our afternoon walk/scramble. This walk will get your heart pumping. The climb up the exposed granite is steep but the views are breathtaking. Good grip on your shoes really helps with the ascent and descent. My fear of heights kicked in towards the top and stopped me from reaching the summit. We had the track to ourselves until halfway down The Pyramid. There was lots of wildlife to be seen on the walk including red-necked wallabies and eastern grey kangaroos.

Ramona W on 17 Jul, 2019

Awesome walk but not for those that have a problem with heights. We made it as far as 20m from the top due to our fear of heights. The final scramble was just too much.
Beautiful view from where we got to though. You could see for miles. An easy walk up until the actual Pyramid, then it turns a bit more difficult.
You can detour on the way to Granite Arch as well. Well worth the climb though

Tanya on 19 May, 2019

Depart from Girraween Day Use Area and follow signs for Pyramid Rock. Clear track with white spots to guide you to the top!

Rough surface however gets steep - definitely do not do this when wet!

Amazing view at the top and a rewarding experience.

Celine on 28 Jan, 2019

With the weather being hot at 32c I was a bit concerned as I didn't start this hike until 10am.
Went to the granite arch way first for another visit.
The walk to the pyramids isn't that long but was hot in the trees.Once hitting the rock face it was very pleasant.
The walk up was not as hard I thought but was cautious.
Had the summit to ourselves which was nice.Balancing rock is amazing and also is the view of the second pyramid.
Fantastic hike and view

KidBear on 15 Jan, 2019

This was a fun one! Quite different to any hiking I’ve done before. While we were up and down pretty quickly (about 1 hour and 20 mins), I must admit it did get a bit scary near the top- pretty steep and bare rock. That being said we made it back in one piece and would definitely do it again!

Hannah on 31 Dec, 2018

Great hike and scramble. Done with no shoes as felt better grip without. No dramas completing it with our 10 yr old and 5 yr old. Saw some other kids that weren't as adventurous though, so maybe not for all.

Sarah Bastian-Jordan on 29 Dec, 2018

Wear a full brimmed hat and sunscreen! Walking on Christmas day was hot, and surprisingly busy. Wearing shoes with good grip makes the climb slightly less exciting, but I'd highly recommend it.

Adrienne Harvey on 25 Dec, 2018

very slippy in the wet, would not recommend. dry clear day is ideal for this one. not challenging if youre in decent shape, if not you will struggle with the last part

Lobster on 13 Oct, 2018

Wow what a view from the top! Definitely a must do walk if you've got a taste for risk and adventure. Follow the paint up the face. Take your time going up and down the The Pyramid, the rock can be slippery if there's even a drop of water. Do not attempt if there's any chance of rain. Exposed rock + Lightning = Slippery electrifying death. 2 hours return including 15 min chill at the top.

The Bush Bandits on 23 Sep, 2018

Brilliant trail. Kids got to the top. Some very exposed sections, and there would be no coming back from a slip on the approach to the top. Not recommended for anyone with a fear of heights.

Jane Doe on 21 Sep, 2018

A fantastic walk and really amazing climb to reach the top of The Pyramid. Surprisingly steep and rather challenging. My wife and I absolutely loved it though. We were lucky enough to have the summit to ourselves and it was so peaceful up there. Stunning views with beautiful surrounds. Can't wait to do it again.

Peter McMaster on 29 Jun, 2018

Really fun hike but expect some scrambling to get to the summit. I did not go through the middle but followed the markings on the side and found it quite easy to get to the top. Amazing views up top.

Karshing on 2018

I enjoyed the hike to the top and back. Easier than I expected but I’ve been doing a lot of walks recently. Found coming down a bit harder at some points due to grip. Nice views at the top - especially of the second pyramid which I’d like to do at some point

Juiced Pixels on 12 Dec, 2017

Scary or what! How do you climb up or down with nothing to hang on too? With two little ones, we really had to take our time on this one, as one slip and you were gone.

F.A.B. on 5 Nov, 2017

Quintessential Girraween walk, best at sunset. Photo opportunities everywhere!

Zerpy on 27 Oct, 2017

Not for the faint-hearted!! One of the hardest but also one of the best walks I've done. The track itself is interesting and gets the heart rate up but it's the climb up the rock face that's the highlight. Not much to hold on to. Follow the white paint marks for the best route to the top. Shoes with good grip are a MUST!!! Unbelievable views. Scary but exhilarating

Tassie on 25 Sep, 2017

This is a fun climb. I have mild vertigo but made it to the top, thanks to the fissure/crevice that runs a lot of the way up, offering hand grips and some security.
The main issue when I was there was the rain. It made the rock slippery and I felt mildly unsafe in a few spots. But in the dry I think it'd be fine. People of all ages were up the top, including a lot of kids.

Rey Leon on Sep, 2017

Completed this walk/climb/scramble with my two boys over the school holiday. The short walks through the bush were lovely with a large resident Grey Kangaroo soaking up some sun right beside the track.
The climb to the top was a bit of a challenge and personally, I would avoid following the white marks in some areas and scramble over the rocks instead.
The trip back down was a bit hair raising to begin with (having a heavy back pack on didn't help), and at the time I said I would not do this one again, but now that my nerves have settled, I would do it again.

Glam78 on 30 Jun, 2017


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