Nuga Nuga National Park

Popular Walks

2 km return
45 mins

Lake Nuga Nuga Island Foreshore Walk

Though an island by name it is not an island by nature. The 'island' on Lake Nuga Nuga can be walked onto and around offering stunning views over the lake.

Very Hard
3 km return
3 hrs

Mt Warnilla

The summit of Mt Warnilla gives the absolute best views of the Arcadia Valley and especially of Lake Nuga Nuga. No trail or markings, entire walk is trailblazing up the foothills and finally scrambling to the summit.
Much of the summit is cliff-faced and unclimbable without lead-roping equipment/experience, I found a crevice to boulder-climb up to the end and find a way to the plateau at the top.
It's easy enough to get to the cliffside and the views from there are stunning too, but if you have the guff to get to the peak the 360 degree views from the plateau are unbeatable.