Bunya Mountains

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Walks in Bunya Mountains

10 km return
3 hrs

Barker Creek Circuit

A very scenic walk leaving from the Dandabah Camping area, Bunya Avenue. The walk joins up with the shorter Tim Shea Falls walk. Best walked in an anti-clockwise direction for the views and less incline. A couple of side tracks to lookout points. Rainforest, grassy knoll and woodlands

2.5 km return
1 hr

Koondaii Circuit

A short circuit which takes you to a lookout over the western side of the Bunya Mountains.

4.7 km return
2.5 hrs

Paradise to Westcott

A walk along the western ridge of the Bunya Mountains with views over the Darling Downs.

5.4 km return
90 mins

Russel Park Walking Tracks

A circuit which takes you to Cunjevoi falls, Little Mobullan (mountain), Chute #3 and back to the picnic area down the road. You return via the road.

4 km return
80 mins

Scenic Circuit

This walk on the eastern side of Bunya Mountains is mainly through rainforest, and passes a side track to a water fall, plus another side track to a lookout over the valley. It then passes Tim Shea falls before returning to the start

4.8 km one-way
90 mins

Westcott to Cherry Plain

The second section of track along the western side of the Bunya Mountains with views over the plains.

Walks in Burtons Well

8.4 km
4 hrs

Cherry Plain to Burtons Well Circuit

This walk takes you along the Western Side of Bunya Mountains, passing three lookouts with views over the plains. Vegetation is dryer towards the the cliffs, with vine forests closer to the road. The path gradually ascends as you follow it in this direction. An easier walk may be to start sat Burtons Well.

Very Easy
4 km
90 mins

Ghinghion Lookout

2.2 km
1 hr

Mt Kiangarow walk

A short walk to the highest point of the Bunya mountains

1.6 km return
30 mins

Festoon Falls and Mcgrory Lookout

A nice easy stroll to Festoon Falls a well known waterfall and to the top of Mcgrory Falls, a hidden gem just 50 metres downstream of Festoon Falls.