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Mt Barney - East Peak - South Ridge (Mt Barney National Park)
4 May, 2015
Very Hard
17km return
10 hrs
9hrs to climb up Logans Ridge and then down South Ridge. Worth being prepared for this trip as things could turn pear-shaped in a hurry. Had difficulty finding track off East Peak to Barney Saddle and then accessing South Ridge trail start. Logans Ridge a great scramble with a few challenges. Worth doubling back sometimes if you run out of acheivable track. Done river-crossing near base during high waters to add to the fun! Will do this again with palns to stay overnight and climb West Peak.
Sunshine Coast Hinterland Great Walk (Kondalilla National Park)
14 Dec, 2014
4 days
Split this walk into two sections - Gheerulla and Mapleton - and walked over two seperate occasions. Gheerulla a good day out covering about 35km and a loop so no shuttle required. Mapleton covers a bit of road and parts of track already done before, dropped mt bike at one end to shuttle myself back to vehicle.
Mount Bartle Frere - Eastern Approach (Wooroonooran National Park)
6 Oct, 2013
Very Hard
15km return
12 hrs
Can recommend this one. A decent slog to the top, but the bouders up to the summit are well worth it! A lot of fun. Small leeches so carry some salt.