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Purling Brook Falls Circuit

Did this walk on the weekend after spending the night at the Settlement campground. It's a nice short walk with a great view of the falls from the bottom. We happened to see a couple of base jumpers land at the bottom just as we got there!
I took a dip in a pool under the bridge at the base of the falls. The water was cold but very refreshing!
Total time was just over an hour.

Macduff89 on 31 May, 2015

Warrie Circuit

This was a fantastic walk, visiting about a dozen of Springbrook's waterfalls. I walked it with a group of five, starting at 10:30am. I really enjoyed walking along the base of the cliffs near the start, and visit to Rainbow falls. We stopped for lunch just after 12pm at a creek near the Meeting of the Waters.
We made good time, completing the walk in just over four hours.

Macduff89 on 30 May, 2015

West Canungra Creek Circuit

This was a really beautiful hike! The grade is fairly easy for the most part, but the occasional creek crossing and very narrow track alongside a steep gully make the walk challenging.
Ten of us left the cafe just after 10am in a clockwise direction, first heading downhill. The weather was beautiful and we felt the sunshine through the trees. We stopped for lunch at a waterfall just over half way. I went for a dip and the water was numbingly cold but beautiful. Finished the hike in nick of time as clouds came over and it started to rain. Total time was just over four hours.

Macduff89 on 16 May, 2015

Mount Tibrogargan Summit

Loved this climb! Challenging but fairly short. Not too difficult if you are fit and not afraid of heights. The climb up was fun and down was easier than expected although the legs started to shake a bit! Definitely keen to do it again.

Macduff89 on 10 May, 2015

Mt Barney - South East Ridge Ascent Peasants Ridge Descent

Three of us left Yellow Pinch at 7am. It was a bit more difficult than the other two expected and they didn't quite make it two the top. I continued to the East summit and descended via Peasant's with another group, getting slightly lost between the summit and the saddle.
Very challenging yet excellent hike! The views on the way up the South-East ridge are breathtaking and just kept getting better. The variety of terrain, including rock hopping and a short climb, keeps things interesting. The descent was not too difficult but equally as enjoyable, turning into a very relaxing stroll near the bottom.
I would have to say this is one of the best hikes I have ever done, definitely planning on returning and possibly camping the night.

Macduff89 on 25 Apr, 2015

Mt Warning Summit trail

Hiked up for the sunrise on my birthday. The walk was nice but the sunrise was covered by clouds!

Macduff89 on 18 Apr, 2015
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