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Mt Wagawn (Lamington National Park)
25 Nov, 2020
18km return
7 hrs
This was 9.97k and took me 2hr 16m. Parked car at Hayters Road which is 4 km south of Natural Arch and the turn off is directly before the NSW boarder from QLD. It’s a dead end road so I parked at the end. Spoke to a resident of one of the properties who gave me great advice. It was a cloudy day which made it cool and to keep the ticks and snakes away however little did I know I would be up in the clouds leaving me with very little to see. The walk to the caves was easy crossing the boarder fence about 3 times but very long grass which kept me alert.The caves are beautiful which leads to the most difficult climb, it was very rainy, rocky but most of all steep and slippery, if it was not for the tape on the trees i would not have found my way, after 20 minutes of scaling steep rainforest terrain it was a fairly worn track along the ridge to the lookouts, sadly I could not see anything due to the cloud.it was so hot I was lucky to bring a new shirt to change for the summit. I took 2 lr of water and some snacks. #hobwee https://youtu.be/mKHQYbRNwqs
Cougal Cascades to Boyd’s Butt and Cougal (Springbrook National Park)
10 Nov, 2020
14.5km return
6 hrs
Parked car at the Cougal Cascade then walked to the old Saw Mill which is about 1.2 k easy walk on sealed path, then 150 meters up the creek we looked for a trail at the sharp bend in the river, once we found this, some good people had marked the trees with pink ribbons so we could find our track. Boyd’s View is much better than Cougal but very dangerous at the top. The walk is not difficult, it’s pretty long doing the loop but the two views are worth the trouble. We did the entire circuit and was moderate in difficulty. Here is my video which may help. https://youtu.be/cdic-lWOVss
The Cream Track (Springbrook National Park)
27 Oct, 2020
11.5km return
4.5 hrs
Up and back in In 1 hour 41, I did some research on this track and decided to go both ways. I went at 11 am on 27 Oct 2020. It’s about 5.2 each way. I started on the steep side at the end of Tallebudgera Creek Road, If you start the Springbrook Road end it’s all down hill. A permit is needed as you will be crossing into private property. It’s free for the permit and got it on line. It took me about an hour to get to the top and 40 mins to get back, don’t go during or before heavy rain, the clay hills are too slippery and steep. I went by myself but if your inexperienced then suggest you go with a friend. If your looking for views, this is not the track, it’s heavy rainforest and bush, The council is making efforts to better improve the track with sign post and steps on the Tallebudgera side. It’s a good sharp slog but rewarding with a few creek crossings. I made a video if you would like to see the conditions. https://youtu.be/fBncIa6RBRs
Purling Brook Falls Circuit (Springbrook National Park)
23 Oct, 2020
4km return
2 hrs
It’s a 4K round loop, simple, walk down the ridge to the falls then walk back, toilets by the car park. Not to difficult , they say start clockwise to avoid steps coming back. It’s a well worn track, signed and hand railings part of the way.I went on a Thursday about 10.30 am, it was raining but the carpark was pretty full, weekends would be packed, always take your trash back. No dogs allowed.