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Mount Bartle Frere - Eastern Approach (Wooroonooran National Park)
24 Jun, 2020
Very Hard
15km return
12 hrs
From car park to summit & return 5.5 hrs including breaks. 42 years old.
There is regular clean creek water for the first 3.5 kms. Therefore 1.25 Lt of water was ample to carry if you refill. (Less weight to carry)
I applied tea tree oil & got no leaches. Boulder field was treaturous, but not slippery. Beautiful scenery the whole way.
Can be very cold the last 2kms, glad i took a sports jacket.
Creek crossings may be impassable after heavy rain.
QPWS estimating walk time of 12 hrs is ridiculous, maybe 8 hrs for an average person.
Mt Walsh (Mount Walsh National Park)
21 Jun, 2020
4km return
3 hrs
Nice walk, don't be deterred by the sign saying 7 hrs return. I am 42 & did car park to summit return in 2hrs. Elderly or people with kids may take about 4 hrs. A fit adult would suffice with a 1.25 L water bottle in the cooler months. (600ml was ample for myself)
Mount Tyson (Far North Queensland)
19 Jun, 2020
6.4km return
3 hrs
This is my regular walk to keep fit as I live close. Leaches are present, but in low numbers. 500mm of water is more than enough. Fantastic view at 2.4 km, from Scouts look out. The summit is often in cloud through the colder months. 1.5 hrs return, above average fitness 42 years old.