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The Cream Track (Springbrook National Park)
25 May, 2020
11.5km return
4.5 hrs
We followed Google Maps location to 'The Cream Track' without checking and found ourselves at the top of the mountain which in hindsight is not ideal. We went down for about 1h 30m until we reached the creek. It was a very steep descent, you have to hold onto trees in certain areas and easy to slip. At the bottom of the track we excitedly veered off to check out the waterfalls (definitely recommend) which took us about 1h return back to the creek. Being now at the bottom of the track we had to climb up the Cream Track where we parked the car. It was very challenging! It took us about 3h to go back up. I would not recommend going down the track and then up unless you like this kind of challenge. Check map before going. Great walk tho, not very busy/popular and great views. We didn't print the permit form but had it on our phones.