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Kureelpa Falls (Mapleton National Park)
10 Jun, 2019
2.5km return
1 hr
Only did the walk to the falls as wanted to explore further down the falls themselves. There is a longer track and a map halfway to the falls.
It was very muddy when we did the walk but worth persevering along at pretty fun crossing the creek.
Keep left at the v on the grassy path (straight ahead), don't go to the right where it has the no horse sign.
Just remember that when you cross the creek you have to go straight up the rocky "track" till you see the sign pointing right. The creek was easy to cross where the rocks stick out of the water and then heading up to the left of them also easy.
We walked down the falls themselves so we could get a better view. The rocks are very slippery so I would be very careful and wouldn't recommend for children. Just have to take your time and you can get down quite low, safely.
Otherwise an easy walk and very nice, much better than we expected and were very impressed by the falls themselves.
Mt Cooroora (Sunshine Coast)
Jun, 2019
2.6km return
2.5 hrs
Amazing views! Loved this mountain so much. It was a very steep walk/climb with some parts even a scramble. As long as you are moderately fit you'll be able to complete it as there are chains on the way and steps into the mountain. We went on a Monday to avoid the crowds. Spent about an hour up the top taking pics etc but otherwise only takes about 1.5 hours up and down.
Buderim Forest Park (Sunshine Coast)
May, 2019
2km return
90 mins
Not sure why this walk is stated at 90 minutes because its actually a very short circuit. We ran around twice! Very pretty falls and nice walking down around them. Highly recommend.
Wild Horse Mountain (Glass House Mountains National Park)
Apr, 2019
1.4km return
30 mins
Very very steep! But only took 10 minutes to walk/jog up. An absolute must for a sunset, we got some incredible pics up here. LOTS of mozzies so take or use spray before you go.