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Mt. Wellington - Zigzag/Icehouse loop (Wellington Park)
9 May, 2019
8.26km return
3 hrs
I've done this walk multiple times and I agree with other comments - it's better done up the reverse direction i.e. UP the Ice house track, and DOWN the zig zag track. This is partially due to the slightly easier gradient on the Ice house Track, but also due to navigational concerns when on top - going down the ice house track there's the potential challenges particularly locating the turn-off if you miss it. But going UP via the ice house track, the communications tower is a handy navigational aid in snow/poor weather and if you lost the track but simply followed a rough compass bearing, you would eventually hit the road.

In my opinion it's THE walk to do on Mt. Wellington, followed by Collins Cap and Cathederal Rock

My time for the circuit is typically around the 3 hour mark. If you're on public transport, you can walk from the bus stop at the Fern Tree Tavern which adds an hour to the return journey. There are a number of tracks to choose from though last time I went (April 2019) middle track was closed for maintenance
Upper Portals (Mt Barney National Park)
Mar, 2019
3.5 hrs
On this occasion the creek was low. The road is in better condition than previous years. Apparently it was graded at one point this decade as it had been that long !!! Went through the portals which was fun and would be a lot more difficult in normal flow.
Bishop & Clerk (Maria Island National Park)
Jul, 2016
8km return
4 hrs
The ferry was free during the winter months. It was a great walk with some minor historical interest in the town plus wombats !!

The hardest scrambles are right near the top. Unfortunately my companion did not wish to take these on due to the wet rock and the idea that there were no views available due to cloud. I found the summit 5 minutes past this point and was fortunate enough to experience a break in the weather too. But a long half-day, a steep climb and some rough terrain pushes it to medium for me.
Mt Lindesay (Mt Barney National Park)
Very Hard
4 hrs
The first band of cliffs was relatively easy, although the exact ascent point was a little hard to find at first. However there was a large amount of casuarina needles on the upper section which made descent much more dicey. The second set of cliffs was akward and some of our party needed rope assistance and to abseil down them.
Mt Coonowrin (Glass House Mountains National Park)
Very Hard

3 hrs
Climbed it many years ago not long before they closed out access. Short climb and while there was only one technical move, the climbing was VERY exposed. We used a rope for protection. The entire mountain is closed with entry via permit only. Significant fines now apply, which is a shame because I would love to be able go to again.