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Mt Ngungun (Glass House Mountains National Park)
27 Oct, 2018
2.8km return
90 mins
These directions from the aussie bushwalking site is what I used and found good & sufficient, as follows:- Getting there:
Follow Steve Irwin Way to the Glasshouse Mountains Township. Follow the road to the west over the railway lines and turn left into Coonowrin Road at the T junction. Then turn right into Fullertons Road just after the State School and along this road to the car park at the base of the mountain.
Mount Ngungun (pronounced 'noo noo') is a very popular hike due to its relative ease and fantastic views. Others tell me it is pronounced GUN GUN--so am unsure what is correct.

A well defined graded track with some steep sections. The track begins in thin type forest with lots of ferns. Part way up the mountain, there is a great view of Mt Tibrogargan as the track passes a small rock overhang.Good chance for a rest stop. The summit or Apex provides spectacular close-up views of nearby Mt Tibrogargan, Mt Coonowrin and Mt Beerwah. Good photo opportunity.
The path starts from the sign post and and a clear information board. Follow the path, that twists and turns up the hill untill you reach a steep, loose, rocky gully, requiring giant steps with some scrambling using hands and feet to negotiate better, thus a good idea to carry gardening gloves if you want to care for your hands or be sure of a good grip. At the top take the opportunity to have a picnic, breather and take lots of pictures of the views.
Look out for 'The Cave' as an unusual mountain feature.
Steep in parts, some steps, hard but still still suitable for all ages. Get up there first thing in the morning and geet among the clouds--an awesome experience. Do be ultra careful if any dew or rain drizzle about as ultra slippery.
Bit of a false 'top' but if you walk further you will find some more rocks to clamber up to the true summit.

Mount Cooroy (Sunshine Coast)
19 Aug, 2018
3km return
2 hrs
This year it opened at 7 am. Costing $10.00.
The instructions and directions given by is quite reliable and accurate.
Getting there at that time there was already 50 plus cars there, stalls sets up and people already at the top! Hundreds vied for places on the path, both ascending and descending. There is a long walking track to base camp that acts as a great warm up for the real hike that is Rocky, uneven and ridiculously narrow as it is only open one day a year so that the 'owners' have more than enough time to make it more hospitable.
the route is lined with volunteers by the dozen and even at the top they wait around for our protection.
Back at Base camp food and coffee, soft drinks and even Billy tea and damper await to both entertain and replenish perhaps a 1000-2000 walkers of literally every age.
I was the first to put my name down for a helicopter ride, costing $50 for 8 minutes flight around the mountain that began at 10.30.
Hay rides, pony rides, Noosa brass band and even the jaws of life demonstrated; but one could see there was room for much more.
This is number nine in my mountain climbing ambition.
Hell's Gates (Sunshine Coast)
18 Aug, 2018
5.4km return
90 mins
did this walk on almost impulse with Irish friend Peter. Wow views that are spectacular every inch of the way, Sea views, forest views. Nice to see local ranger beautifying the area by planting and collecting driftwood to protect area, patiently tying them together with wire--sadly to prevent foolish tourists wanting to toss them down the cliffs just to see them splash or crash! Such friendly people from all over the world frequent this easily travelled walk obviously heavily invested in by council. Thankyou Noosa and thank you Peter. Gotta bring the wife back here.
Noosa Headland Circuit (Sunshine Coast)
18 Aug, 2018
7.3km return
2.5 hrs
Combined this walk with Hells gate and headland walk to Sunshine beach. 3. 1/2 hours Nudist colony on the way--much preferred seal colony and certainly not the same beach beauties as was in my day (50 years ago) Highly recommend the walk to take wheelchair bound family, the elderly the young and families. Views are out of this world. You would pay millions to live near these views. parking best in town for up to 4 hours walk and picnic-at top of hasting street. Great town totally catering to tourist at every entry level DO NOT miss this walk. Thanks to my Irish mate Peter for taking me here.
Mount Tibrogargan Summit (Glass House Mountains National Park)
15 Aug, 2018
Very Hard
2.7km return
2 hrs
The intentions was to omit this particular mountain as was described as very hard. 364 meters and the second steepest of the mountain family with a 3.2 km return. Some do it in an hour or even two. Slow and steady and safe is the best speed.
As it was I was on the way to Mount Tiberoowuccum and saw a large number of cars as I was about to pass. Thinking that so many cars must mean it wasn't so very hard, so I joined a group of young men for safety and up I went. Number eight in my self challenge I had set for myself to complete about 20 local mountains thus year.
Let it be emphasised that one needs take this climb very seriously and if one has vertigo, a weak heart, poor joints, or it is wet and damp then it should not be attempted. Many braggarts will make light of this climb since they may have indeed climber tougher, but the average person does not climb but walks a mountain. One also needs very good grip climbing shoes, at least some hat if not a hard hat for with so many newbies climbing rocks are sure to be dislodged. If you hear the shout of ROCKS! then dont look up but cover your head and hug the ground or mountain. Pass the shout on if the rock or rocks pass you. Gloves too were found to be really helpful.
The first wall is probably the hardest and believe me it literally means hand and feet finding every available tiny place to place fingers and toes. Do not be afraid to ask anyone to spot a good direction to move or where the next hold is.
The ascent will be in stages of 50-60 degree gradient. There are many places to fall or slip as you climb both up and down-so best take at least one fit buddy, trust in yourself and take 1-2 liters of water well secured in a small backpack--too large a one will perhaps topple you over as you clamber down bottom first much of the way.
The top flattens out and then goes a little further to another mini rise.
Half way there is a large rock called Chicken Rock. Do not hesitate to rethink the climb at this point without ego or jibing from foolish friends pushing you on if you feel you have lost confidence or are not sufficiently prepared. You can return another day.
The views are not easy to see with lots of various trees obscuring your sight, but push your way through the bushes here and there for some good photo shots.
POST SCRIPT. The reason so many cars in the car park? Most walk AROUND the mountain via a circuit! Laugh on me but I made it at 69. Wise climbers will admit respectful fear.
Inexperienced or unfit people should choose another mountain.
Mt Eerwah (Sunshine Coast)
8 Aug, 2018
2.8km return
3 hrs
The seventh of my mountains I have set for myself on the Sunshine Coast.
A little known about mountain, though often seen and remarked upon as resembling a woman's breasts as one travels in the North Arm area near Yandina. It means Death Adder to the Australian Aboriginals and one can only hope that there are no more in that vicinity.
Aussie is one of two sites many of us use to locate our way and research preparation.
As it is classified as twin mountains you need to know that it is 329 meters and 402 meters respectively.
Google or put in your Gps Mount Eerwah road, crossing at Brown creek rd off Kenilworth Rd. Take the left road at the intersection on the dirt road. Drive till you see a miniature car park area that might take two cars just before a bend on the left. There is now a sign some kind soul has left for us that says it is only one and half hours return. Take your own time to enjoy the journey and apex.
There is an almost invisible entrance to the track through the bushes that leads long and between two fences. When you have travelled up and down some gullies and reached the end of the fencing you will be sufficiently warmed up to tackle a medium to hard climb/walk. (Talking from a 69 year old point of view) You will eventually get to a mini climb that someone has kindly left a rope to haul yourself up on. Further clambering over fallen trees and up rocky tracks that often almost disappears it is so seldom used. Another rope helps again until a horizontal rope has been donated where the cliff face has fallen, so advise staying on the mountain side of the rope and using it for balance.
Quite steep and need to be moderately fit with reasonable joints, a bottle of water, sun hat, gloves, good grip shoes and perhaps sun screen and insect repellant at certain seasons. A back pack is wise to leave your hands free. It seems to get harder and harder and is a good work out for the legs and heart.
The bush obscures most of the views at the top but you might see many butterflies.
As with all climbs make sure your phone is fully charged both for photograph opportunities and for safety. It is always wisdom to inform someone of your intentions, your whereabouts, planned time and of your safe return.
Two hours return for this old fellow.
Mt Ninderry (Sunshine Coast)
28 Jul, 2018
3.3km return
90 mins
Just outside Yandina. This is an easy hike more than a climb and though 304 meters high it’s a very easy two and a half kilometre return.
The track is always in good condition (though as with all bush/mountain walks beware of wet conditions that make such treks very slippy and thus dangerous) and the starting point is found just behind the picnic area. It is apparently an aboriginal sacred area with a hidden midden not far away at the base.
Having done it twice I was amazed that I only found one fellow climber –which suited me fine. It does give one pause to think though that one ought to advise a trustworthy reliable friend that will follow up if you do not report back by a certain time - even on a simple climb—for accidents happen. (Snakes, twisted ankle, falls, heart or asthma attacks)
Plenty of unusual coloured flowers to photograph and an easy-ish walk up and down some valleys and then leading up stony rubble-like pathways that gradually steepen as one ascends. There are many mini paths leading off towards viewing type platforms and outcrops from which one can record the great views—and have a rest.
About 2.8 km return and you can allow an hour or so there and back.
Sadly there have been suicides up these mountains and some of them are recorded by memorial plaques on this one. Perhaps not a good idea for those poor depressants. Hopefully those of you who start off up this track can leave their pains at the top-having climbed on top of them all to make the mountain figuratively higher as they unburden—then having rejuvenated themselves by the climb and views of the world and life before them, will climb back down with a stronger “I can overcome it’ attitude.
So take note of such descriptions as that means you need good-grip climbing shoes as there is more than a tendency to loose balance and injure oneself.
There is a meteorological building at the top. Views look over cane fields, forests, roads and rivers that lead to the sea with Mount Coolum standing proud amid the picture views.
Amazingly this climb advertises one can take dogs-presumably on a lease. This may or not be a good idea but so long as all pet owners keep control over their furry friends fellow walkers wont complain.
The apex has very restricted views and perhaps, for the sake of the tourists, might do with a trim in selected areas to better view the surrounds, otherwise just enjoy ticking off another challenge.

Mount Coolum (Sunshine Coast)
27 Jun, 2018
2.6km return
90 mins
A local mountain, basically 'in town'. It is known to locals as "Jehovah's Holy Mountain'; apparently as it sits atop the local congregation and resembles some other mountain in the Jerusalem area. (the latter not verified) Anyhow it seems to be always very busy and the car park full to overflowing at almost every hour.
At the top there is little shade--and all the tourists hogging that, so take--as you always should, ensure sunscreen and water. ( Locals are more inclined to be trying to do the walk quicker so have long since got past stopping to smell the roses--or enjoy the views.)
It is rare that you do not see people of all ages and ethnicity and so, yes, little children and us Oldies (Pensioners).
A continuous stream of people use this as cardiovascular fitness exercise training so be prepared to keep 'giving way'. At the base car park camp there is a juice and coffee van. You will not see this on any other mountain-so if you like your caffein hit--go for it. (Do note dear fellow geriatrics--- get your fix after the walk as no toilets on these mountains)
This particular mountain has become so popular that steps have been considerately places all the way with many rest areas to enjoy the scenic spectacular coastal views. One can even see planes arriving and leaving at the Sunshine Coast airport at Marcoola (Mudjimba.)
Having now done this walk three times I can recommend it as quickly accessible, relatively easy for all age groups, enjoyable refreshing photographic views with the only problem being the difficulty often in getting a park on site.
The car park access is near or actually on the junction of Tanah Street (West) and Jarnahill Drive. (One can park on the roads nearby)
One can take an hour or two to return, depending on ages, health and desire to see and appreciate the many views all the way.
My motto is "If your'e gonna do it (Anything) do it well and thoroughly. One never knows if this might be your only chance to have this experience.