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Mt Warning Summit trail

Decided to do this walk on Easter, not such a great idea. We had to park 500m away from the start of the walk as there were so many cars and people it was impossible to get any closer.
There were so many people on the trail you never had a quiet moment to yourself to enjoy the outdoors.
Other than the people the walk as always is a good one, moderate until you get to the last 400m where you "rock climb" and use the chain to assist you on the way up and down. Once at the top there is a big grassy area to have picnics and then view the 360 degree view. Always gorgeous and worth the walk.

Roxy on 20 Apr, 2014

Caves Circuit

Was a very neat walk underneath the "caves" which to me were more of an overhang. Was lovely to walk through the rainforest as always. Saw some wildlife including some Pademelons. Nice and easy for the family.

Roxy on 9 Apr, 2014

Bellbird Lookout

Great view, nice easy walk! Saw some wildlife including some Pademelons.

Roxy on 9 Apr, 2014

Gwongoorool Rock Pools

Great little walk, even with the leeches. :/
Would recommend, not too hard.

Roxy on 4 Apr, 2014

Tullawallal Circuit

Was a nice little walk if you wanted to cool off from the heat, but ends a bit unexpectedly ends at a pile of rocks. So, basically a walk through the rainforest.

Roxy on 4 Apr, 2014

Purling Brook Falls Circuit

Gorgeous walk, we took the extra bit to the Waringa Pool--was a great day walking saw some Pademelons & land mullets. Gorgeous view of Purling Brook Falls. Would recommend for a family, not too hard.

Roxy on 4 Apr, 2014

Best of All Lookouts

As always, amazing views. Was very clear and could see every mountain and even the ocean. A very easy, must see stop in my opinion.

Roxy on 3 Apr, 2014

Twin Falls Circuit

We did this walk, but had to start it at the Canyon Lookout as the track was closed for maintenance, it rained on and off through this walk so we got quite soaked but it was so beautiful. We walked under Blackfellow Falls, Tallanbana Falls & Twin Falls. All were in their full glory as we had lots of rain in the last week. Definitely worth the walk and the getting wet. We saw several Lamington Spiny Crayfish, and obtained several leeches along the way. All in all, a great day out!

Roxy on 30 Mar, 2014

Lower Portals

Lovely walk, well worth the effort --trail is easy to follow. At the end, there is a nice little swimming hole. Lots of fun poking around the rocks at the Lower Portals.

Roxy on 23 Feb, 2014

Sandy Creek Circuit

Was a lovely walk, nice and cool in the rainforest. Was a little disappointed in the falls, but we will hike again when there is more waterfall.

Roxy on 5 Jan, 2014
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