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Curtis Falls (Tamborine National Park)
17 Apr, 2018
1.1km return
30 mins
A fantastic little gem of a walk in the middle of a town.
Make sure you walk to the creek at the bottom.
Saw Fruit Bats on the way down, lizards and plenty of birds. There is talk of Platypus in the creek but unfortunately i didn't see any.
Easy walk but there is no made crossing at the end of the circuit so will need to scramble over rocks so take care.
Warrie Circuit (Springbrook National Park)
16 Apr, 2018
17km return
5.5 hrs
The 17km hike is the gem of the Springbrook National Park. A stunning walk through varying forest types deep into the canyon. Starting on the Twin Fall circuit at the Canyon Lookout you wind your way down into the valley through peaceful ancient forest. At the half way point you are treated to a secluded gem – Meeting Waters. This is where the creeks and water from the various falls merge and is an ideal spot for a picnic. There is an abundance of wildlife and the bird song follows you all the way. The track can be muddy in places and you will have to scramble over some rocks in places. Take care and wear proper hiking boots.
Take enough provisions and energy foods for a 5-6 hour walk some of which can be strenuous. This is an amazing hike for reasonably fit explorers, don’t forget a camera and some binoculars
Purling Brook Falls Circuit and Warringa Pool (Springbrook National Park)
15 Apr, 2018
5km return
2 hrs
A great walk with a number of choices – you can just look at the view at the top of the falls or take the 4km hike to the base of the falls which is highly recommended. The walk is steep in places but on a well made track. The base of the falls is spectacular and if the sun is at the right angle you will get a nice rainbow. The pool at the bottom is not for swimming although there are plenty of fool hardy tourists that ignore the dangers. If you want to continue the walk you can take the additional 2km return to warringa pool. This is OK to swim in and is a nice tranquil spot when not too busy.
The walk back up is quite challenging if you are not fit or you are towing small children.