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Mt Tunbubudla East (Glass House Mountains National Park)
13 Nov, 2017
4.9km return
3.5 hrs
The instructions given to arrive at the trail starting point were not exactly accurate, but I get the feeling that the 4x4 dirt roads out there change a lot. Our party of four ended up forging our own trail up the eastern side of the mountain through heavy bush. I still have the scratched up legs to prove it. In our quest to conquer all 13 of the climbable Glasshouse, Mt. Tunbubudla East was the very worst. Even after arrived at the summit and found the pink ribbon trail back down, 3/4 of us had rough slips on that path back down. One involved a close call with a tree between the legs.

Once we survived that and jogged the trail back to the "main" road, we saw where we had missed a gate to nowhere and a National Park sign. We marked this entrance with sticks and rocks. This trail takes you to the valley between East and West for access to both ascending trails.
Mt Cooroora (Sunshine Coast)
5 Oct, 2017
2.6km return
2.5 hrs
Prepare to get sweaty and dusty from scrambling up the eastern-orientated side of this mountain. Go early in the morning if you can. There are a couple of different trail options...we took the right trail going up and the right trail going down. Lady on the trail said the one on the left was "shorter but more intense." That's all relative though. My partner and I like to run back down and this was a good mountain for it.
Only issue was the massive infestation of flying ants at the top during this October visit. Again, could probably be avoided with an earlier start.