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Mount May (Mt Barney National Park)
1 Sep, 2018
4 hrs
From the camping ground it is fairly easy to work out where the start of the track is and it is generally very well defined all the way. There are a couple of spots where the surface is just rock, so here you may need to look around a bit to find the trail. It is a steep climb up to the first peak, but after that it seemed to be easier. There was a brief respite from climbing when you go down into saddle before ascending other peak. This involved a bit of rock climbing in places. Descent starts very steeply but then settles down to a pretty straight forward walk down to the dirt road which you follow back to the camp ground. Nice scenery all the way up and back. A really good walk. Took us about three hours and I measured it at 7.5 kms or so.
Cedar Creek - Black Creek (Queensland)
24 Jun, 2018
6 hrs
Did this walk again today and have uploaded a gpx file of the route. It is definitely way longer than the original poster's 8 km. I logged it at 18 this time, which I think is pretty accurate based on time taken, difficulty etc. I thoroughly recommend the walk for those wanting a challenging hike that involves a lot of climbing up and down waterfalls etc. Still of the view that going up Cedar and down Love i the way to go. And yes, the creek is definitely Love creek, not Black creek.
Sunshine Coast Hinterland Great Walk (Kondalilla National Park)
15 Jun, 2018
4 days
Cedar Creek - Black Creek (Queensland)
2 Jun, 2018
6 hrs
I did this walk yesterday, in the reverse direction. I strongly recommend this as the better route for three reasons. First, in terms of navigating the steep, scrabbly footpads that go round the sides of the steeper waterfalls, it is much preferable to be going up than down, in my opinion. Far safer and easier to spot them. Second, it means that you are moving towards all the wonderful scenery of Cedar Creek rather than walking away from it. Third, the ascent/descent of what is referred to as Black Creek but which is marked on maps as Love Creek, is no where near as nice as Cedar creek. Again, a personal choice, but I would not like this creek to be the first thing I navigate, since for a lot of the way it is overgrown. In places you have to scramble beneath lantana etc as you stay in the creek bed. Also, from others' comments here, it sounds as if it is much easier to find where to get into Black/Love Creek at Mt Glorious than it is find where to get out.
So, I walked up Cedar Creek, which really is a lovely, but challenging hike involving a lot of climbing up steep waterfall surfaces or precarious neighbouring footpads. I came out at Maiala picnic grounds, had lunch at the cafe at Mount Glorious and then thought I would be bale to wasily descend following the GPX track provided on this site. Unfortunately, it is wildly inaacurate in regards as to where to enter/exit Black/Love Creek. After an hour of fruitless searching and asking locals I finally got a bit of internet on my phone and was able to read the description saying you emerge on Lindsay Road. Down I went and just as the road veers sharp right there is a track going left. I followed this a short way until i saw where the creek crosses the path. From here it was a straightforward, if sometimes unpleasant descent of the creek back to my car at Cedar Creek. I thoroughly recommend the walk but it is not easy. I also logged the distance at 12 kms, not the 8 mentioned on the original track description.
Tongariro Alpine Crossing (North Island NZ)
Dec, 2011
19.4km one-way
7 hrs
Gibraltar-Washpool World Heritage Walk (Gibraltar Range National Park)
Apr, 2010
45km return
4.5 days
I did this walk with my son, when he was 17. We both enjoyed it. A really good introduction to both National Parks. Good variety of landscapes and flora. Some impressive termite mounds and i really loved the grove of tree ferns.
As the original reviewer noted, this is relatively easy walking, and we did the walk in three days, I think.
Routeburn Track (At least to Harris Saddle and back) (South Island NZ)
Jan, 2010
8 hrs
Grand Canyon Track (Blue Mountains National Park)
Dec, 2009
6km return
3 hrs
Mt Warning Summit Trail (Mt Warning National Park)
8.3km return
5 hrs
Inca Trail (Overseas)
6 Sep, 1999
3.5 days