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Bull Falls Lookout (Brisbane Forest park D'Aguilar National Park)
23 Oct, 2016
1.1km return
30 mins
Easy, can take car down to enterance even though sign says 4wd track, gravel road currently in good condition. Easy walk. Good for toddlers. Some steps and slight inclines.
Mt Walsh (Mount Walsh National Park)
15 Oct, 2016
4km return
3 hrs
Great walk, climb. I did this accompanied by an awesome local guide who as a young child walked all over this mountain with her dad collecting insects. Her name is Mora and lives in biggenden. She offers guided walks. Was pretty much up from the start with loose rocks and dirt. To get up top need to climb up some granite. You can do without ropes but is difficult at times. Would not do it in the wet. Mora mentioned there has been whispers about chaining this section but don't count on it. We left early and back at base by 10am. Would be a very hot track in the summer.Left from entrance just before biggeneden. Now the views are amazing pretty much all the way up and down and the top is flat and great to explore and chill. Leave yourself an hour to enjoy the top. This was my first ever difficult walk. I am fairly fit was a bit tough on way up but we were moving pretty fast, down no probs. But alot of loose stuff and had a few small rocks fall down the track. Hope this has been a help. Enjoy !!!! I will definitely be doing this again.