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Kinbombi Falls (Wide Bay Burnett)
21 Jan, 2022
1km return
30 mins
A place we often visit. Lots of steps upon return from the falls/creek but not too hard to climb to the top. A fantastic place to explore and the surrounding countryside and views are breathtaking. The gorge is usually flowing a little but it's mostly just a trickle. Would be a nice spot to rest and camp if you're travelling. The old railway track is also not far from the falls (parallel to the Wide Bay Highway) where you can walk into Goomeri or walk in the opposite direction towards Kilkivan.
Mt Walsh Waterfall Creek (Utopia Falls) (Mount Walsh National Park)
19 Aug, 2020
3km return
1 hr
I did this walk recently and found the rock pools were quite full, however the cascades had slowed to a trickle. It says about an hour return on the sign at the car park but if you are moderately fit, it is obviously a lot quicker. I think half an hour each way is not a bad estimate. The walk to and from the rock pools varies in terrain, that it is both uphill and downhill and there's some negotiating of rocks once you arrive at the creek where the rock pools are located. I would say the walk is relatively easy but some care is required at the pools. Lots of loose rock underfoot and around the pools it can get slippery. An absolutely beautiful place to take in the rugged and rocky mountain tops and surrounding bushland . Highly recommend this walk due to it being a short walk to such a special and natural place . My navigation app told me to turn left twice upon arriving at the National Park which I soon realised I should ignore because both turns lead to private property. Just follow the main road and signs all the way to the car park and take it slow if driving a 2WD vehicle when entering the car park.
Amamoor State Forest Lookout (Amamoor State Forest)
Jun, 2020
8km return
2 hrs
I took my partner on this walk twice. First time we got as far as the fork in the dirt road but then turned back. To be honest, the directions we followed from the post we found a little bit confusing. It sounds like a few turns before you reach the tower except it is actually quite a long walk. Having walked to the tower the 2nd time, I can see why it was described that way, but from the description, it didn't seem like a long walk at all. You just need to keep walking and don't take any turns off the main dirt road and just follow it all the way up to you reach the short but steep rocky section of road, just before you get to the top of the mountain. I think we walked for at least 2 hours to get to the tower and a bit quicker returning to the car park. There is quite a bit of uphill ascent, so be prepared to use your legs. Well worth the effort though once you reach the top. Views can be seen of the distinctive 'cone-shaped' peaks of Pomona and Cooroy in the distance. There is a telecommunications mast also at the top. The fire tower itself is probably the least impressive feature about this walk, but still held enough interest for us to attempt a 2nd walk to try and find it
Amama Walk (Amamoor State Forest)
1 May, 2020
2.2km return
1 hr
I did this walk with a friend and we both found it relatively easy. Some uphill walking and loose rocks underfoot, however it is not very long and has a nice small rock pool along the walk. You can make it a circuit walk by continuing past the waterhole and follow the track up to a lookout a bit further along the trail that has some views of the surrounding area. The trail eventually returns to the main track near where you begin the start of the walk.
Lake Mckenzie to Kingfisher Bay (Great Sandy National Park)
28 Aug, 2019
14km one-way
5 hrs
My partner and I did this walk from Kingfisher Bay resort. This walk took us about 4 hours to get to Lake McKenzie, even with a few stops for photos, rest and to eat along the way. Didn't walk along the beach way to the jetty, but took 'route 2' walk there (via McKenzie jetty) and then returned the same way. In August found it very warm so take plenty of water and food and obviously swimmers to have a dip at the lake. The lake is beautiful. We didn't spend much time at the lake as we had to return to the resort before it got too dark, having started the walk after 10am in the morning.
Lower Portals (Mt Barney National Park)
27 Apr, 2019
7.4km return
3 hrs
My friend and I camped at Mount Barney lodge and drove to Mount Barney NP to start the walk. It's about 90 mins one way , so about 3 hours walking in total. There had been some good rain prior to our walk so the water was flowing and was very clean and fresh, if a little cold. There's an option to camp further downstream from the rock pools. It's such a beautiful place so I think would be best enjoyed camping there for a few days, so you can really relax and take in the natural surroundings . The walk to and from the Portals is relatively easy going but has a few hilly sections to negotiate, therefore moderatly good fitness is required. Definitely a place worth adding to the bushwaking itinerary.
Mt Cooroora (Sunshine Coast)
Jul, 2018
2.6km return
2.5 hrs
I've walked to the summit about 3 times. There's 2 routes to get to the top of the mountain from the car park, but the one most people follow heads up to the right just after entering Tuchekoi NP. This track is mostly uphill but great to warm up for the ascent to the top! There's a chain to help pull yourself up when you begin the climb and a lookout about 100 metres or so from the base where you can catch your breath that has fantastic views of Pomona, Cooroy and Noosa. The remaining climb is very steep and involves lots of scrambling and climbing over rocks. I found this walk a bit challenging being a bit afraid of heights but I just found that taking it slow and taking plenty of breaks made it much easier to get to the top. Take lots of water and don't attempt the climb during the day. Best done early morning or late afternoon. Great views from the top. Care is defintely needed on the summit as there are sections at the top where it completely drops off. Plenty of spots to sit on boulders that are both shade and out in the open to take in the amazing scenery. Take plenty of care when descending. Being a very popular peak to climb it can get relatively busy at times. There's always quite a few people and groups going up and climbing down.
Elanda Circuit via Mill Point (Great Sandy National Park)
16 Jan, 2018
5.3km return
90 mins
An interesting walk back in time. The cemetery was a bit creepy but the ruins closer to the campground captured our attention more. The early European settlers here encountered much hardship and death. The walk is very pleasant along the mown trails and easy to navigate with plenty of signage. We came across a huge Eastern Grey kangaroo on approach to the chimney. We watched it hop away before we resumed the remainder of the walk to Mill Point. The paperbacks and wetland along this part of the trail are pretty infested with mosquitos. The campground and the lake is close by to the ruins and is a nice way to finish the walk.