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Mt Greville (Moogerah Peaks National Park)
17 Jul, 2016
6km return
3 hrs
Great walk up SE Ridge and down what we thought was Palm Gorge but i learnt later that we went left on way down so that was Waterfall Gorge, trip notes were no help we followed a cairn to a trail that lead down a gorge with Palm Trees, however towards the end we left with scrambling down 2 mini waterfalls and 1 very large sketchy decent down the last waterfall easily 10m high. If there was a trail out of this and back to the path it was well gone now with falling trees, so we used our GPS and followed the creek bed all the way to Mt Greville Road, however the last 250m was through thick Lantana Brush to the firetrail at start of trails. I guess what we can learn from this was don't trust others trip notes or even NPS yellow trail markers. I will try to create some KML files for these trails from what i managed to record. In Future i will take some trail tape and put a few more markers out there.
Lower Portals (Mt Barney National Park)
10 Apr, 2016
7.4km return
3 hrs
Great easy walk, started off very dry from the carpark, but as we got to the creek the portals were amazing. Great to see water flowing fresh and clear.
Minyon Falls Loop (Nightcap National Park)
7 Feb, 2016
6.8km return
3 hrs
Didn't get to walk to bottom but next time we will. However the falls were pumping today, not a leaky shower head at all, see latest photos from my drone.
Mt Barney - East Peak - Up South-East - Down South (Mt Barney Summit)
Jul, 2015
Very Hard
13km return
9 hrs
Mt Warning Summit Trail (Mt Warning National Park)
Jul, 2015
8.3km return
5 hrs
Great walk done it about 5 times now, mostly for exercise :)

But please if this is your first time it is really about 8.5km and quite tiring and all stairs up and back some better than others, a reminder to you all please take enough water, every other time i summit, im always giving a spare water bottle to a backpacker or silly tourist who under estimates the difficulty.