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Mt Barney - South East Ridge Ascent Peasants Ridge Descent

Walked out of camp at Mount Barney Lodge at 7:15am. Starting at the lodge added an extra half k each way. Fine on the way in, on the way home...not so much. Very hard and exposed walk/climb. The exposure in places was far greater than expected and i was glad to be facing the rock, unable to see what was behind me. Advice, if you suffer vertigo, proabably take south ridge. Steep climbing to false summits can be disheartening, but adds to the challenge. Very glad the rock was dry and would probably throw in 10m of rope for the next ascent. Was lucky enough to have 2m of prussik cord in my pack (just long enough) and used it on a slippery boulder scramble. The descent on the south ridge was much easier and now have plans for a camp in rum jungle and an ascent of the west peak. Great view, challenging walk.

WorldWalker on 20 Jun, 2012

Yellowpinch Summit

Nice little leg stretcher. Went over the top and down the north side to the creek. Then rock hopped downstream and found a great swimming hole. Excited via a farm back on to the yellowpinch road.

WorldWalker on 19 Jun, 2012

Python Rock

Nice, easy and relaxing. Completed as part of a larger traverse.

WorldWalker on 10 Jun, 2012

Morans Falls

Made an adventure out of this walk. Started with the Python rock track and back then out to Moran falls lookout and over the creek to the western lookout. then up the hill to balancing rock and beyond to the castle rocks. Retuned along the same route and took the old trail along the ridge and acsended to moonlight crag. From here follw the ridge again via an old trail to orchid grotto and Lyrebird lookout. This is where the walk gets really spectacular and a little tricky. Follow the tags through thick forrest for ? Kms. Expect to get lost and have to retrace to find the trail. Eventually ending up on the border track 700m South of the O'reily's guest house. Comes out around 14 or 15K's. I think. Great day.

WorldWalker on 9 Jun, 2012

Warrie Circuit

Excellent walk. The rain made it a little more interesting and very leechy. Some spectacular waterfalls and caves. Added on the twin falls and was very glad I did. The tracks leading behind the waterfalls are great and refreshing. Took around four and a half hours at a decent pace.

WorldWalker on 2 Jun, 2012

Mount May

Did the Northern Summit. Steady incline up scree track, through overgrown tracks that flatten out to a false summit with camp spot. Then up again to the North summit with views of the dam and the hills to the North.

WorldWalker on May, 2012

Cronan Creek Track

Did this walk with walkinghawk. Was good to stretch the legs but didn't offer any challenges other than a few creek crossings and one large incline. Follows a fire trail to a dead end. I have heard that some waterfalls can be accessed, but the only one we could potentially get to was inaccessible. Maybe if we had a rope...

WorldWalker on 13 Apr, 2012

Mt Maroon

Loved this walk/climb. Steep in, then a scramble up the gorge to a few peaks with 360 views. Can be cold up top.

WorldWalker on Apr, 2012

Lower Portals

Really nice relaxing walk. Lower portal rocks are impressive. Added a walk over the top of the ridge and onwards up the river. Nice place to rockhop and relax.

WorldWalker on Apr, 2012

Mt Warning Summit trail

Good walk today. Perfect weather, great view.

WorldWalker on Apr, 2012
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