Wivenhoe Hill

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A 13km walk along/around a section of the Wivenhoe dam. Scenery changes, from water views, open grassland, bush and rocky outcrops over undulating ground. Opportunity to see Whiptail Wallabies, Koalas, Red Wren and other bird species.

Bird Watching
Horses Permitted
Cycling Permitted

Getting there

How do you get to the start of the walk? Head to Wivenhoe Dam along Brisbane Valley Highway and take Hay Road exit. Then turn right onto Fig Tree road. At the end of the road, there are two options, Black trail (straight ahead and leads to Red and White trails) and Blue (down to the right) - I opted for the Blue trail to start. 


Which maps cover the area? Seqeb site has good information for the walk. http://www.seqwater.com.au/sites/default/files/PDF%20Documents/Recreation/Wivenhoe%20Hill%20Trails%20flyer%20-%20FINAL%20-%20web%20version%20%282%29.pdf

Route/Trail notes

A detailed description of the walk! The trail is very well signposted along the way. I started out along the Blue track, then connected onto the White, then finished up on the Red trail. The first couple of km's of the Blue trail are along bitumen, then left at horsewater station. Once on the trail proper it can be muddy in sections after rain and there are some small 'creeks' to cross, I had no issues after a few days steady rain, but might be a different story for flash flooding. There is also a bit of up and down so I would recommend good sturdy shoes. The views vary quite a bit, from bushland, to rocky outcrops, view out over the dam, Eucalypt forests, and open grassland. In my mind the blue trail is the most scenic, if pressed for time or just after a shorter walk I would recommend this. While there I spotted no less than 14 Whiptail Wallabies, a damp but healthy Koala and a Red Tail Wren and various other birds too. Very pleasant walk, but I would suggest a decent level of fitness, and there are plenty of nice spots (logs) to take a break. Also a portaloo at each end, I didn't use but they looked in fair condition. While there are plenty of trees, there are still some sections that are quite exposed, so could get hot quickly in summer. I'd suggest a nice winter walk. 



Very enjoyable casual walk. We started off on the blue trail, then the white trail and then the red trail back to where we parked the car. This is the best way to do this walk (anti clockwise). Doing it clockwise means you have a solid steady climb on the start of the walk. The blue and white trails are scenic with lake views. The view from the top of the hill on the red trail is excellent. also this is the only place with a large seat so was a good place to stop and have lunch while enjoying the views. Lots of birds and butterflies.

Brian on 19 Jun, 2020

Roughly 13 Kms - Started off with the blue trail, followed by white and red trails. Quite scenic and different to whats offered in the other parts of the region.

dinbush on 14 Jun, 2020

I have all walks multiple times sometimes both on bike and on foot, the trails themselves are o.k but there are many real interesting features beyond the trails, there are several rock shelters among the ancient river beds and in the sandstone. It would be nice if SEQ water made dedicated walking trails around such features.

mika28au on 1 Oct, 2018

Walked the blue and black trail. After looking the whole way we spotted a koala in the parking lot right at the end.

JayWalker on 9 Sep, 2018

Did all trails today. Red, White, Blue and Black. Firstly I would not recommend doing all of them on the one day in the middle of summer. The Black trail in particular can be very hot along the bitumen. Secondly make sure you have a stick handy, spidey city. They were everywhere. Felt terrible knocking there homes down just to pass by. Some beautiful views on the Red trail and also on the Blue trail. All in all it was a 22.7k walk once all were done as we did the Black trail twice.

Nadso on 11 Jan, 2018

A fine walk. I only did the Blue and Black trails this time. The Blue trail offered a couple of decent views out to the lake but, most importantly, both trails were crawling with spiders. There was not one tree that did not have at least the trace of a web on it. Even at the back of a group of three I had some web threads stuck to me. There were a couple of spiders above the trail too but they were easy to avoid. We also passed through patches of deafening cicadas. Regardless, this was a decent, easy walk. On the way back to the car park on the Black trail I saw a couple of kangaroos, one with a joey in tow.

meadharry on 28 Dec, 2017

Did the walk after a few rainy days, even though there was a bit of fog, the views were still beautiful and nice to have the place to myself, great opportunity to spot some wildlife.

Tanya on 21 Oct, 2017


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