Mt Ninderry

Sunshine Coast

A pleasant walk following a stepped track to a large plateau with two viewing platforms. One covers the west, overlooking Yandina and the Blackall Range, the other is to the east overlooking Mt Coolum.

Picnic Facilities
Dogs Permitted
Eucalypt Forest
Maximum Elevation
Total Climb

Getting there:

Turn off the Bruce Highway at Yandina and head west onto the Yandina Coolum Road, away from the mountain. Carry on straight through the roundabout(s) onto Coulson Road and then right along School Road at the railway line. At the end of the road turn right onto Ninderry Road, back over the Highway and up the hill. Follow this till Eucalyptus Circle and look for a cement drive up to the car park on the right.


None found.

Route/Trail notes:

From the car park follow the track to the right up the northern ridge and over the saddle till it reaches a steep rocky stepped section, with two small viewing areas on your left. Just after the second lookout, you take the right fork to the western lookout, then continue across the top of the mountain to the eastern lookout, before heading back down to rejoin the original track.

Alternatively bush bash and rock hop around the top for further views.



Other References/Comments:

It is a shame, that despite the money Sunshine Council have put in here (2017), they have failed to provide a safe viewing area to look south across the Sunshine Coast and the Glass house Mountains, which would be awesome.


GPS Tracks


A great walk with good views of the coast and Hinterland, even better when it's on your back door step!

Eric Bates on 1 Jan, 2019

Great walk with kids.

Luci Carter on 11 Nov, 2018

Great climb and spectacular view from top, very clear track, recommend to go to Western lookout first and follow marked track from there to eastern lookout.

Marcella on 26 Oct, 2018

Just outside Yandina. This is an easy hike more than a climb and though 304 meters high it’s a very easy two and a half kilometre return.
The track is always in good condition (though as with all bush/mountain walks beware of wet conditions that make such treks very slippy and thus dangerous) and the starting point is found just behind the picnic area. It is apparently an aboriginal sacred area with a hidden midden not far away at the base.
Having done it twice I was amazed that I only found one fellow climber –which suited me fine. It does give one pause to think though that one ought to advise a trustworthy reliable friend that will follow up if you do not report back by a certain time - even on a simple climb—for accidents happen. (Snakes, twisted ankle, falls, heart or asthma attacks)
Plenty of unusual coloured flowers to photograph and an easy-ish walk up and down some valleys and then leading up stony rubble-like pathways that gradually steepen as one ascends. There are many mini paths leading off towards viewing type platforms and outcrops from which one can record the great views—and have a rest.
About 2.8 km return and you can allow an hour or so there and back.
Sadly there have been suicides up these mountains and some of them are recorded by memorial plaques on this one. Perhaps not a good idea for those poor depressants. Hopefully those of you who start off up this track can leave their pains at the top-having climbed on top of them all to make the mountain figuratively higher as they unburden—then having rejuvenated themselves by the climb and views of the world and life before them, will climb back down with a stronger “I can overcome it’ attitude.
So take note of such descriptions as that means you need good-grip climbing shoes as there is more than a tendency to loose balance and injure oneself.
There is a meteorological building at the top. Views look over cane fields, forests, roads and rivers that lead to the sea with Mount Coolum standing proud amid the picture views.
Amazingly this climb advertises one can take dogs-presumably on a lease. This may or not be a good idea but so long as all pet owners keep control over their furry friends fellow walkers wont complain.
The apex has very restricted views and perhaps, for the sake of the tourists, might do with a trim in selected areas to better view the surrounds, otherwise just enjoy ticking off another challenge.

Paul on 28 Jul, 2018

The track is not as well formed a Mr Coolum but still a good climb. There are viewing points on the way but when at the very top there are no views as it is surrounded by trees. You will know when you are at the top because there is an emergency services relay beacon there. Good views at the look outs.

Maxine K Stringer on 14 Jun, 2018

Did this one on our way back from Mt Cooroora. In comparison a lot easier, steady well marked climb to the top that is still enough to get the heart rate going. Really nice view at the top, better than Cooroora. If you walk up a bit from the main lookout there is a nice rocky outcrop that you can sit on and get a nice view on the Sunshine Coast in private.

Vonsnrub on 14 Apr, 2018

easy walk with the 2 kids, 7 and 4 years old. 1 hour up and 45 down.
bit confusing up the top just go left every time and you'll go clockwise around the top. and get views east, south and west, but not all at once its very dense up there.

father&son on 8 Apr, 2018

did this walk with husband, daugher and son in law, nice pleasant walk, many places to stop and take photos from, we certainly enjoyed it.

we did have a few issues locating the parking area, we missed a turn off so take special care with the directions below, must have missed a step but we found it in the end. :)

Anne on Apr, 2018

This was #5 of a 6 peaks in one day challenge I did with my daughter, daughter-in-law, and 12yr old granddaughter. Some slippery rocky sections but not difficult. I use a trekking pole which helps when slippery. The view from the eastern lookout is spectacular looking to Mt Coolum. Highly recommended.

Lone Ranger on 8 Jan, 2018

An easy walk to the summit with a nice view to the south east from the viewing platform. Took less than 40 mins to complete

Troy on Sep, 2017

The view from the top is great but if you're feeling lazy the lookout at the half-way is just as good

rob.bushman on 13 Aug, 2017

Make sure your shoes have good grip. Lots of loose gravel, stunning scenery at a couple of key points.

The Lizard King on 5 Aug, 2017

Very enjoyable, lots of lookout points to explore on the way up and at the top.

luvwalking on 1 Jul, 2017

The new concrete track makes it a lot easier, but less of a challenge. And, the 'platform' at the top is less than impressive given the publicity hipe. The old tracks are now off limits.

F.A.B. on 28 May, 2017

Great walk with kids, great views

Pumpkin Peta on May, 2017

Great little walk. 145m of elevation gain from the car park and took just over an hour return.

Scott on 23 Apr, 2017

It took me about 30 minutes to reach the top with stopping a couple of times along the way. Beautiful views from the top ⛰ Lots of different tracks at the top for you to take in different directions, but I think you would eventually get back down mountain no matter which one you took. Be prepared to see a few sad plaques up on top 🙏💕

Instagram:- misslissy79
Facebook: Miss Lissy

Mel on 2 Apr, 2017

We enjoyed the walk though I wouldn't class it as easy. Probably easy for a mountain though. The directions to the mountain were a bit confusing. To get there we came off the highway at the Yandina exit. At the roundabout we turned left towards Yandina, then straight through the next roundabout and followed the road round the bend. When we came to a T intersection we turned right into Ninderry Rd. We followed the 4wd track to a small clearing. From there there were two walking tracks. The one to the left as between two big rocks. We took that one on the way up. That is the new track and was quite easy really. Steps have been formed along the way to make it easier. We came down the other track. It was obviously the old track and very rocky. There are quite a few tracks at the top and a few ni e lookouts.

Ian and Sue on 17 Sep, 2016

After 14 years living on the Sunshine Coast, decided to do this walk with the whole family. Went up the new track (good), came back down via the old track (more challenging with lots of loose material). Took us 1h45 enjoying the views and birdlife included. Recommend this walk, just mixed feelings about the memorials at the top...

Hugues Debeyser on 17 Sep, 2016

I hadn't been on this hike for a while. The council has completed track upgrades. Now you don't have to go straight up the steep rocky path, I think they would prefer you take the new path which is more interesting and has views to the Coast. There are also paths at the top to lookouts to most directions.

Nichola Wallace on 25 Jun, 2016


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