Mt Cooroora

Sunshine Coast

Become your own 'King of the Mountain'.

Mt Cooroora at 446m (Tuchekoi National Park), is probably the most famous of the Sunshine Coast climbs, due to the King of the Mountain race held annually in July since 1979. The fact that it is a race from the pub in town, and the best time is 22:43, gives you the false impression that this might be quite an easy climb, but you would be wrong!

Take time out as you climb to enjoy the stunning views south across the Sunshine Coast and the 360° vista from the top.

Picnic Facilities
Scrambling or Climbing
No Dogs Permitted
Maximum Elevation
Total Climb

Getting there:

From the Bruce Highway follow the signs to Pomona. Once in Pomona turn into School Street and then turn into Mountain Street. Park near the sign at the beginning of the walk.


Route/Trail notes:

Follow the well worn track up through a wooded area, before a short decent and across a creek bridge. Easy!

Now the hard part as you start to climb along the path and up a series of concrete, rock chiselled and metal stairways. Watch your step, as in places the ground has been eroded.

About halfway up is a side trail with good views and a resting point. From here continue up three more sets of stairs and follow the chains. About 30m from the summit the chain ends and it is a scramble to the top. When the path levels out turn right and follow the track to the rocks at the true summit and fantastic views.

To return, just retrace your steps. It is recommended to 'abseil' the chains going down.



Other References/Comments:

Take a picnic and plenty of water.


Did this one Impromptu..did not regret it..its tough on the knees but well worth the effort..quite step but metal steps have been placed there and chains are there to help you up and is quite exposed towards the tops but no cliff edges ..views are amazing

Ashwin on 5 Oct, 2018

Beautiful clear day for the climb

drewmac on 9 Sep, 2018

A challenging but very rewarding and fulfilling climb!

Ravenburn on 8 Sep, 2018


Marcel on 26 Jul, 2018

I revisited this Mountain first time in two years after a serious leg injury, had forgotten what a challenge it was and had notices alot of erosion since last climbing it, however it was achievable and not so busy like Coolum, though I would definitely say a completely different grading to Coolum, this Mountain does require scrambling a fair bit where you have to mindfully choose both foot holes and hand holes to lever yourself up, I crab crawled on my back side some areas on the descent , I noticed some turn round facing the mountain doing it this way. but a sense of achievement when completed and the view at the top is definitely one of the better ones.

Kath v on 26 Jul, 2018

Easy climb with wife and two daughters 9 and 12. Scramble up rock steps and chain for about 100 metres to the summit. Well worth it with outstanding 360 views. Pomona is a great little town to relax in afterwards.

Coopsy on 2 Jul, 2018

I found this walk really fun and rewarding! It gets your heart rate going and the legs burning. The scramble is only short and is fun.

Alex on 11 Jun, 2018

Took my 60 year old parents on this hike, they haven't hiked in a long time but enjoyed it (and found it quite hard). The scramble wasn't too bad and made the uphill part not as strenuous. A great hike.

Leith on 26 May, 2018

This was fun with great views. Took it as a leisurely pace to wait for the oldies. Leave the walking poles at home as it makes the scramble more difficult.

Scott on 26 May, 2018

Good scramble/climb to the top, really enjoyed it myself, would give it a miss if you aren’t too confident with your fitness ability.

Caleb J. Stanton on 20 May, 2018

Awesome hike and views! lots of steps and little bit of scramble to the top! Good photo op at the first look out!

Celine on 20 May, 2018

Just under an hour up and half an hour down with stops. Plenty of steps on the way up, and then some climbing on big rocks at the end section but that is fun and not really scary, easy to navigate your way up. Little kids were doing it on the day we went so defiantly doable for most fitness levels. Someone was even doing the climb barefoot with an arm in a cast 😅.

Jade on 29 Apr, 2018

Quite an enjoyable quick climb, can definitely be completed in under an hour with a break at the top without pushing yourself to the limit.

Ryan on 16 Apr, 2018

Starts off quite nice and undulating then it quickly becomes pretty much a steep staircase with some light scrambling. I saw the record was 22 minutes so did it without a break to see how I went. Did it in 29 minutes and felt reasonably impressed until I learned the record included a run from the town!! Not a bad view from the top, good way to kill an hour or so.

Vonsnrub on 14 Apr, 2018

did this hike with my 6 year old

andre on 13 Apr, 2018

I have done this walk a few times and as long as you are reasonably fit it isn't too bad. This time I did it with my daughter, daughter-in-law, and 12yr old granddaughter as #4 of our 6 peaks in one day challenge which made it much more challenging. The track is very washed out after you start the steep ascent from the metal stairs so a lot of scrambling required. Spectacular views from the top even when there is some fog. Saw a couple of walkers doing it in rubber thongs which I would not recommend.

Lone Ranger on 8 Jan, 2018

Hiked Mt Cooroora with 5 other friends we call it Everest Warriors, enthusiast hikers from Brisbane. My second attempt. 4 am start and 5 pm at summit just before sunrise... what a great hike and whole body workout. on our way down by the end my feet were bit shaky. love to go back again.

Mark Aryal on 7 Jan, 2018

I found the walk very hard at times, as it just seems to go on forever!! Having said that, the amount of scrambling up the mountain made this one of the most enjoyable climbs I have done on the coast.

JBRECC on 7 Jan, 2018

This was a challenge but well worth it. We arrived quite early to beat the heat. This is one walk/climb that will prove to you that your fitness isn't exactly at the standard you think it is.

Glam78 on 4 Jan, 2018

I have found myself a little out of breath walking up stairs recently so I found this climb very challenging!!! There was no sign indicating the first lookout and the track seemed a little impassable at times but I pushed through and made it to the summit!!! I wouldn’t recommended it to everyone though.

Gidget371 on 20 Dec, 2017


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