Mt Cooroora

Sunshine Coast

Become your own 'King of the Mountain'.

Mt Cooroora at 446m (Tuchekoi National Park), is probably the most famous of the Sunshine Coast climbs, due to the King of the Mountain race held annually in July since 1979. The fact that it is a race from the pub in town, and the best time is 22:43, gives you the false impression that this might be quite an easy climb, but you would be wrong!

Take time out as you climb to enjoy the stunning views south across the Sunshine Coast and the 360° vista from the top.

Picnic Facilities
Scrambling or Climbing
No Dogs Permitted
No Cycling Permitted
Eucalypt Forest
Maximum Elevation
Total Climb

Getting there:

From the Bruce Highway follow the signs to Pomona. Once in Pomona turn into School Street and then turn into Mountain Street. Park near the sign at the beginning of the walk.


Route/Trail notes:

Follow the well worn track up through a wooded area, before a short descent and across a creek bridge. Easy!

Now the hard part as you start to climb along the path and up a series of concrete, rock chiselled and metal stairways. Watch your step, as in places the ground has been eroded.

About halfway up is a side trail with good views and a resting point. From here continue up three more sets of stairs and follow the chains. About 30m from the summit the chain ends and it is a scramble to the top. When the path levels out turn right and follow the track to the rocks at the true summit and fantastic views.

To return, just retrace your steps. It is recommended to 'abseil' the chains going down.



Other References/Comments:

Take a picnic and plenty of water.


Great loved it

- 1:54
- 2.28km
- 312m

Anthony on 5 Oct, 2019

Lots of steps, scrambling isn’t too bad with the chains. Great area to explore at the top.

Linda on 1 Sep, 2019

Challenging walk but worth it for the view at the top!

Vicki on 25 Aug, 2019

My favourite walk by far to date. I’ve done this four times. I keep going back as this is absolute heart pounding. Stamina galore. It’s not dangerous at all. Light scrambling. There are three sets of stairs you need to get over then then about a 5 minutes scramble. Love it, love it, love it. It’s tough, but only on legs and heart.

Gabriel on 24 Aug, 2019

Absolutely love this mountain. Pushes the fitness and have to think on foot placement. Stunning views!!!

Deon Krahe on 24 Jul, 2019

This was our final climb in a day of 7 mountains. Definitely left the toughest til last! As with all of our climbs... TOTALLY WORTH IT!

Naomi Bradley on 2 Jul, 2019

Me and my 8 yr old daughter did this today 3rd time for me 1st time for her so proud she got to learn the basics of rock scrambling

mitchell baker on 22 Jun, 2019

The walk was interesting; harder than I thought and challenging at time but well worth it. My partner and I are fairly fit and it took us 90mins return with 10 mins at the top. A fairly good level of fitness is needed for this walk otherwise I would take it slow.

Danny on 16 Jun, 2019

Amazing views! Loved this mountain so much. It was a very steep walk/climb with some parts even a scramble. As long as you are moderately fit you'll be able to complete it as there are chains on the way and steps into the mountain. We went on a Monday to avoid the crowds. Spent about an hour up the top taking pics etc but otherwise only takes about 1.5 hours up and down.

Mon on Jun, 2019

Great walk! Quiet challenging while coming down. Rocks were quite slippery, but chains were quiet helpful. Would be super difficult during rainy day. But effort is well worth it for the view at the top.

Ena on 25 May, 2019

1.15 hr found track to right of stairs coming down has eroded a lot and clay was slippery
Great walk good views and variety steps, scrambling

Kmxfitness on 22 May, 2019

Amazing views being up in the clouds!

Duane on 25 Apr, 2019

A great hike / scramble to the top with spectacular views! Probably not advisable in wet or windy conditions.

Eric Bates on 14 Apr, 2019

So epic. Great challenge with a beautiful setting up top. Way less busy then most. Maybe 40mins up and puffed.

Bobby on 28 Feb, 2019

wow first time doing this and it was our 4th mountain for the day starts off slow but then UP, UP, UP we went ....the chains were great to hold on to both up and down, I highly recommend good footwear.
43min 27 sec up, 35min 08sec down.

Juanita on 3 Feb, 2019

4/6 in the mountain challenge. Was a great mountain to get under the belt and will definitely do it again. 43:27 up. 35:08 down.

Steve on 3 Feb, 2019

Took 2-3 hours, including some time at the summit. As we approached this mountain we thought it was too steep and too tall for us to reach the summit. We had an 8 year old with us. But we all did, and glad we did as it was an accomplishment that we thoroughly enjoyed! Wear. Good. Grip. Footwear!! :P. And avoid when it's rainy or you may slip all over the steep rocks. The views at the top are in different locations where trees arent obstructing, as there are many trees at the top. Still great photo spots. One of my favourite mountains I've done! One hiker we met brings her four year old up, although I wouldnt, as it was a challenge for the 8 year old with us. Stay by the chains when they are there. At one point we didnt because another way looked easier. That was a mistake as I got 'stuck'with genuine fear at that point. Pretty high mountain so if youre pretty scared of heights, might not be for you. I post photos of my hikes to and I am based in the Sunshine Coast :)

Hannah MC on Feb, 2019

A great short but challenging walk with some steep bits and some good views from the top

MattyM on 12 Jan, 2019

Loved being up with the clouds

Jessika on 3 Jan, 2019

Really enjoyed this hike - a bit of everything ranging from a bush walk, stairs, and a bit of scrambling. Great views from the top. Completed in 1.5 hours with a short break at the top.

Hannah on 27 Dec, 2018


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