Purlingbrook Falls

Springbrook National Park

Start Point:Springbrook's most popular walk starts in the rainforest at Gwongorella picnic area. Best walked in a clockwise direction
From the Purling Brook Falls lookout in Springbrook National Park, take the track along the top of the cliffs through open forest sprinkled with cycads to the top of Tanninaba Falls. From here, you can see the Gold Coast and Purling Brook Valley.

The track leads down 450 steps into the rainforested valley and along to spectacular Tanninaba Falls which is almost concealed within rock. Continue through the rainforest to the Purling Brook Falls that plunge more than 100 metres into the valley.

A sidetrack leads one kilometre down the creek to the rainforest fringed Waringa Pool. Admire buttress roots, epiphytes, and a grove of piccabeen palms along the way to the falls. The track then steadily winds its way back up to the cliff tops through open eucalypt forest with a wildflower heath understorey.

About the Walk

No Dogs Permitted


Easy walk with a nice little swimming hole 👍🏻

Marty on 4 Jan, 2017

Definitely check out Warringa Pool if you want to swim. There is no swimming under the waterfall itself (though disrespectful people might) so the extra walk to the pool is worth it. It is safe to jump in the middle of it too! Plenty of wildlife and the views are amazing

Samuel Armstrong on Jan, 2017

Comfortable walk with lots to see in the rainforest - travelled the circuit in the recommended direction cos I truly hate clambering UP steps. Giant tadpoles in pools near the restricted area at the top, lots of land mullet (big black skunks) crossing the path :) Worth the quick trip down to Waringa for a swim & to explore the pools

Jennie Fyson on 28 Dec, 2016

Stunning waterfall! Was after some heavy rain however.

werd_arkitek on 11 Sep, 2016

Easy, beautiful walk.

Kay on 6 Aug, 2016

Nice, easy walk. Beautiful spot for a picnic at the bottom of the waterfall. Took about 2 hours at a leisurely pace

Kiran on 10 Jul, 2016

Great walk, views out to Surfer's, black cockatoos and a beautiful waterfall.

mjorn_ on May, 2016

Very nice walk, not difficult.

Ryan on 16 Apr, 2016

Loved it!

jesssicastevens on 1 Mar, 2016

A popular walk. It's a shame that you cannot walk behind the waterfall anymore but at least with the new bridge you can complete the circuit.

Rob Nicholson on 26 Sep, 2015

Did this walk this morning. About 7km. Spotted a metre long goanna at the beginning. Beautiful place, love to see again after rain to catch the waterfalls in action.

tonks on 13 Sep, 2015

Was a great walk, quite easy and the waterfall is amazing

Amy on 4 Jul, 2015

Did this walk on the weekend after spending the night at the Settlement campground. It's a nice short walk with a great view of the falls from the bottom. We happened to see a couple of base jumpers land at the bottom just as we got there!
I took a dip in a pool under the bridge at the base of the falls. The water was cold but very refreshing!
Total time was just over an hour.

Macduff89 on 31 May, 2015

Spectacular walk. We've done this walk a few times. Unfortunately the walk behind the falls has been decommissioned. They are in the process of building a suspension bridge downstream from the falls instead. The track is cut at the moment so you can't complete the circuit. You can still walk to the Waringa Pool though and this is certainly worth the walk. Great place for a swim. The Purlingbrook Falls themselves are fantastic.

Ian and Sue on 30 Jan, 2015

amazing views for the difficulty required of this walk. Gone on this walk many times and down to Warringa pools as well. Great spots to stop and have lunch and relax with friends and or family.

wendyd on 15 Sep, 2014

Walk has a lot of distracting features such as large boulders and cliff faces to climb. We continued down the trail facing away from the falls and went further to the Warringa Pool which is another 2km return. Would love to go back in summer for a swim! 6km total distance.

Alice on 21 Apr, 2014

Gorgeous walk, we took the extra bit to the Waringa Pool--was a great day walking saw some Pademelons & land mullets. Gorgeous view of Purling Brook Falls. Would recommend for a family, not too hard.

Roxy on 4 Apr, 2014

Great waterfall. Land slide had closed access to under falls a while ago and there was no sign of parks fixing it. Still well worth the effort

Pardo on 2014

Some good views!

Ryan Hewitt on 6 Nov, 2011

Great walk, ran into a snake on the way down, harmless placid snake. Finally seeing the falls was amazing and being able to walk behind them was fantastic, nice light spray of water after the walk down. Great place for photos.

Stellar on 14 Sep, 2011


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