Purling Brook Falls Circuit

Springbrook National Park

Together with Twin Falls Circuit, one of the must do's in this Park. Viewpoints, waterfalls, swimming holes, wildlife, name it, it is there! Optionally add an extra 2km to reach the lower rock pool.

Bird Watching

Getting there

The walk currently starts from the Settlement day-use area on Carrick Rd while the Gwongorella picnic area is redeveloped. Progress can be monitored on the NPWS webpage: https://parks.des.qld.gov.au/parks/springbrook/

Gold Coast-Springbrook Rd is currently closed due to damage from ex-Cyclone Debbie. Access to Springbrook is via Pine Creek Rd from the Numinbah Valley. This detour map provides details: https://parks.des.qld.gov.au/parks/springbrook/pdf/springbrook-detour-map.pdf Progress can be monitored on the NPWS webpage: https://parks.des.qld.gov.au/parks/springbrook/



Topographic maps can be generated using QTOPO: http://qtopo.dnrm.qld.gov.au/Mobile/

Route/Trail notes

The walk is well signposted, easy to follow and can be done in either direction. There is one junction where the Warringa Pool track splits at the base of Purling Brook Falls.

Be sure to keep out of the prohibited access areas along the creek at the top of the falls and the old track that used to pass behind the falls.

The track is closed in times of heavy rain or fire danger. Large gates prevent access - do not bypass these when they are closed. Check the NPWS website before you go to check if the track is currently closed: https://parks.des.qld.gov.au/parks/springbrook/

If you plan no swimming they request you don't swim at the base of the falls and instead follow the track down to Warringa Pool. This is to limit impact on the wildlife in the pool at the base of the falls.


There is no cost or permits required for doing this walk.

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A great walk with a number of choices – you can just look at the view at the top of the falls or take the 4km hike to the base of the falls which is highly recommended. The walk is steep in places but on a well made track. The base of the falls is spectacular and if the sun is at the right angle you will get a nice rainbow. The pool at the bottom is not for swimming although there are plenty of fool hardy tourists that ignore the dangers. If you want to continue the walk you can take the additional 2km return to warringa pool. This is OK to swim in and is a nice tranquil spot when not too busy.
The walk back up is quite challenging if you are not fit or you are towing small children.

Allan Thornhill on 15 Apr, 2018

Probably takes about 2 hours round trip, really nice water hole to swim in at the bottom, so best done in warmer weather. Beautiful falls. Bit challenging for the super unfit hiking back up & out, but not that difficult.

Angie Nicole on 15 Apr, 2018

Did this walk with my gf and it was stunning as always! It's easy to get there and has decent facilities. We had a mini-picnic lunch at the pools at the bottom. The water was freezing so no swimming for us.
Although this is technically a circuit one side of it is closed and doesn't look as though it's under repair at all.
This is a really nice walk and it's not too hard.

candycroc on 13 Apr, 2018

Beautiful waterfall. The circuit was partially closed due to weather so had to return on the same route. Lots of stairs.

Ophelia on 28 Mar, 2018


Jack on 22 Jan, 2018

Cool, mystical. Slippery after recent rain, muddy & The loop from the waterfall was closed at the time of my walk (31.12.2017) so that meant 265 steps back up. one way in, one way out. Instead go down to Warringa Pool (with multiple rock spas) and do a swimming scrabble, lovely very popular track.

Samantha on 31 Dec, 2017

An awesome spot at the base of the falls and still quite cool when there is a breeze blowing.

Half of the track is still closed as you can't cross the suspension bridge.

However, the extension down to Warringa Pool was great fun. The stairs back up from the falls to the car park are numerous, so this is probably not the best walk for people that have issues walking up (or down) stairs.

Rowan.P on 16 Nov, 2017

LR & DR Bushwalk

Damo on 29 Oct, 2017

**Half of Track Currently Closed. Warning sign posted in photos. **

I went for a short solo trip yesterday and the weather was perfect, started the descent around midday from west to east in the clockwise direction. Made my way to the foot of the falls and then down to Warringa Pool. After a refreshingly cool swim I made my way back up to the foot of the falls and along the suspension bridge is the sign indicating the track is currently closed due to bad weather.

I then returned back up my original path as it was getting late (4:30pm) and didn't want to get caught out. Hopefully the track is cleared again soon. If I do the track again starting earlier, I will venture over the sign and inspect the track myself.

Either way it was a great day, definitely will go back.

RyanJ on 24 Sep, 2017

6kms all the way to pools and back but well worth it. 😎

Lisa D on 10 Sep, 2017

nice rainforest walk quite busy on weekends

Eric the Viking on 30 Jul, 2017

A great walk with views and waterfall.. what more could you want?!

_Susan_ on 9 Jul, 2017

Nice walk with great views. Started in the clockwise direction, however the second half of the circuit was closed off so we headed down to Warringa Pool and back up the way we came.

Sean on 23 Apr, 2017

Super easy walk but absolutely stunning! Sneaking behind the waterfall is a must!!

Natalie on 25 Feb, 2017

Finally got around to doing this walk and glad I did!
I would classify this as a medium for walk for someone who is of average build and fitness, mainly due to the length of it all, having said that there was no obstacles or hard points.
DO attempt this walk in a clockwise direction, if not you will be facing about 400 stairs on your climb back up.

Once you get to the bottom, take the extra 2km walk (approx 15 mins) to the warringa water hole, there is normally less people there too.

I mapped this whole walk from the car park to the warringa water hole and back up to the car park with a quick 500m return walk to some settlers village that didn't exist.

Here is some facts I collected about the walk;
Distance: 9.3km
Time: 1.46
Steps: 13,000
Floors: 96
Max. Elevation: 6.20
Min. Elevation: 4.16

letmethefuqin on 25 Feb, 2017

awesome and easy walk for people who want to try bushwalking

Punchamgoss Irrshan on 6 Feb, 2017

Easy walk with a nice little swimming hole 👍🏻

Marty on 4 Jan, 2017

Beautiful walk, definitely recommend the clockwise direction of circuit, as would not like to face those stairs at the end of the walk! Small black snake curled up on side of path just after the waterfall.

Geo Kat on 4 Jan, 2017

Definitely check out Warringa Pool if you want to swim. There is no swimming under the waterfall itself (though disrespectful people might) so the extra walk to the pool is worth it. It is safe to jump in the middle of it too! Plenty of wildlife and the views are amazing

Samuel Armstrong on 2 Jan, 2017

Definitely check out Warringa Pool if you want to swim. There is no swimming under the waterfall itself (though disrespectful people might) so the extra walk to the pool is worth it. It is safe to jump in the middle of it too! Plenty of wildlife and the views are amazing

Samuel Armstrong on Jan, 2017


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