Purling Brook Falls Circuit and Warringa Pool

Springbrook National Park
Many walks are currently closed due to COVID-19. Please,
  • check the walk's official website to confirm if the track is open
  • turn back if it looks like the track is too busy when you get there

Together with Twin Falls Circuit, one of the must do's in this Park. Viewpoints, waterfalls, swimming holes, wildlife, name it, it is there! Optionally add an extra 2km to reach the lower Warringa pool. Follow path clockwise to avoid walking up 450 steps!

Bird Watching
Picnic Facilities
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Topographic maps can be generated using QTOPO: http://qtopo.dnrm.qld.gov.au/Mobile/

Route/Trail notes

The walk is well signposted, easy to follow and can be done in either direction, although it is recommended that you follow the track in a clockwise direction so that you walk down the 450 steps and back up via a much gentler gradient. There is one junction where the Warringa Pool track splits at the base of Purling Brook Falls.

Be sure to keep out of the prohibited access areas along the creek at the top of the falls and the old track that used to pass behind the falls.

The track is closed in times of heavy rain or fire danger. Large gates prevent access - do not bypass these when they are closed. Check the NPWS website before you go to check if the track is currently closed: https://parks.des.qld.gov.au/parks/springbrook/

If you plan on swimming they request you don't swim at the base of the falls and instead follow the track down to Warringa Pool. This is to limit impact on the wildlife in the pool at the base of the falls.


There is no cost or permits required for doing this walk.

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The lovely easy walk to the bottom of the gorge where you see the lovely Purlingbrook Falls. You can swim there. Can get crowded so best to go early.

skippyedo on 23 Aug, 2020

We started the walk at about 10.45 am. There were lot of people. Making everyone aware - when going for walks/ hikes please make sure that you are not kicking or throwing rocks. My wife got hit by a rock which we believe was either thrown by someone above or accidentally kicked. Either way it is safer to take care. She got 9 staples for almost an inch long injury. It could have been worse. Also a good idea is to wear soft caps/hats. I think this will be mandatory for us now.
We had to return after this incident and could not complete the walk.

Anant Relekar on 14 Aug, 2020

Fun scenic walk. Very clearly marked and not too difficult. Saw some people take a dip at the bottom of the falls.

sbrn3 on 4 Jul, 2020

Stunning hike. Great to do it during the week when there were less people around. Had morning tea at the rockpool which was really nice. Track including the rockpool ended up being 8.1kms. Easy walking and carried a 7 month old on my back.

Leith on 22 Jun, 2020

왼쪽으로 가자.
바닥까지 내려가서 다시 올라오는
그닥 어렵진 않은 2시간 코스

paris on 20 Jun, 2020

Drizzling rain and late arvo sun peaking through the clouds gave us this time a perfect atmoshere.

Wanderlust on 19 Jun, 2020

Nicest walk I've done so far and not many people either on weekday afternoon. I did the whole walk including Warringa Pool in 2 hrs, although I was walking pretty fast as I arrived late and it got dark.

Clem on 17 Jun, 2020

With Tracey Harbourne & Karen Palin

Kimmi on 4 Jun, 2020

Nice walk the is easy going that most people can do. Good walk to pack some food and chill at Warringa pool and swim. Very full and fresh right now

Adam on 9 Feb, 2020

Absolutely beautiful. Did it with 3 kids in just over 4 hours stopping about 4 times and getting caught in the rain.

We stupidly walked back up the way we came down *the stairs.* which took a bit longer.

Sandra on Feb, 2020

One of my favs

SharnaR on 22 Jan, 2020

8.1 km all up - walked from the camp ground to begin this walk (camped overnight). Lovely walk however, my highlight were the birds coming down to drink from the creek at the end - if you are a birder spend some waiting time there.

Anoogle on 10 Jan, 2020

Started at the Settlement Camp Ground and walked across the very green paddock to the parking area and information hut at the Gwongorella picnic area. There is good signage all the way to Purling Brook circuit. We walked clockwise, stopping at the lookouts and onto Warringa Pool. Still plenty of water for a swim but just trickles coming over Purling Brook Falls. A beautiful location to see some wildlife - lace monitors, big black shiny lizards (land mullets), plenty of birdlife as well. A total of 8.1km return to the campground in 3hrs at an extremely leisurely pace spotting wildlife.

S K on 9 Jan, 2020

It was fun to do this with my wife.. easy walk going clockwise on the track. Thick flora most of the track. Relaxing sounds of birds the whole way through. Waterfalls was amazing. Steady ascent back to the top. Minimum to low fitness requirement. Would not be our last, for sure.

Francis.thebarber on 20 Oct, 2019

So high I got vertigo looking up. Worth it.

Sames on 10 Aug, 2019

Amazing. Definitely go clockwise but not a difficult walk.

Linda on 17 Jul, 2019

Amazing waterfall, very rainy but so much fun and many great photos!

Jane Mousley on 29 Jun, 2019

I have done this walk many times but it is always beautiful. Lots of rainbows dancing in the falls today which was particularly special

Bobbe on 20 Jun, 2019

Beautiful walk to an amazing waterfall and pools via some great rock formations. We completed the walk quite early on a public holiday. Arriving at about 6.30am I was not expecting to see many people. It was actually quite busy with tourists taking selfies in the waterfal area. Walked quite fast and was able to complete in about 1.25hrs.

Jimcar on 6 May, 2019

I went in the recommended clockwise direction. I found it to be a pretty easy walk but I definitely got the heart pumping on the incline as I’m a fairly fast walker. Took me just over an hour, not including a stop at the waterfall.

Beautiful scenery and waterfall was decent after some rain earlier in the week.
Came across a green tree snake, a couple of decent size lizards, but also a red belly black snake. It was just sunning itself and I had to edge towards it slowly to make it move, but it eventually did.

Temperature was about 33-34 degrees and humid on the day but it was actually not too too bad in the rainforest.

There is a carpark on site but also areas to park on the adjoining streets - best to try get there before 10.30-11

Pure Wanderlust on 24 Mar, 2019


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