Moggill Conservation Park

Popular Walks

8.2 km return
2 hrs

Centre Road and Tower Break Loop

The walk begins in the riparian rainforest and winds its way up into the dry eucalypt expanse of the Brisbane Forest. Note, there a quite a few steep sections (both up and down) which may be covered in loose shale.

5.8 km return
90 mins

Devils Break Loop

Great short to medium length bush walk with not too many many people. There is a very steep section on the southern end of Devils Break which can be covered in shale so appropriate walking shoes are a must here.

5 km return
2 hrs

Lantana Break

A nice 5k walk from Wirrabarra road. I would recommend heading along powerline break first, then up lantana break and coming back down Rocky Mountain High. Lantana break is heading directly up from the gullly to the top of the ridge, quite a challenging walk, but well signposted and takes about two hours all up. I'd recommend heading there after a little bit of rain so that the ground is softer and not at slippery.