Baroon Pocket to Kondalilla Falls (return)

Kondalilla National Park

A stroll through the Southeast Queensland rainforest, with spectacular views down Obi Obi Creek.

Getting there

The start of the walk is about 4 km from Mapleton.


See below

Route/Trail notes

From the carpark at Baroon Pocket Dam, walk under the 'Great Walks' portal/roof and you're off! The first 2 km of the walk is on clearly defined paths, with bridges and walkways at some parts - it's fairly level and accessible to almost anyone. The path wanders gradually uphill and after 30 minutes or so you will be at the Obi Obi lookout, which has fantastic views up and down Obi Obi Creek and towards the dam. Apparently there are marsupial frogs in this area, and one of the walkways is made of untreated wood in order to keep their environment pristine.

Keep following the path and you will see a sign with the standard warning about track conditions getting harder. Walk through the grass trees and make a steep descent of about 150m along a forest path to the level of the creek. This part of the walk is dense rainforest with lots of palms and strangler figs. After about an hour you come to Flat Rock, which is a good open spot for a rest. The path rises and falls and about 2 hours 30m after the start you arrive at Kondalilla Falls. This is a popular tourist spot with a swimming hole, and it's five minutes up the track to the car park if you only want to do the walk one way.

Return the same way, or arrange a pickup from Kondalilla Falls. Total return time is about 5 hours. Be prepared for leeches along the creek, especially in wet weather. Plenty of goannas, bush turkeys and the occasional snake (green tree snakes, carpet pythons and the occasional red-bellied black snake) are around, but all are very shy and usually make themselves scarce as soon as you come along.



Other References

This site has good maps in PDF format which can be printed out in B+W or colour.


We started at the Kondalilla falls end and hiked to Baroon Pocket Dam then back which ended up being a 22km hike. That last section going up to Baroon dam is a killer. We are def not at our fittest, so the trip took us just over 5.5 hours. We left at 7:30am and basically had the track to ourselves, on the way back towards kondalilla falls there was a lot more people round.

ETShallx on 6 May, 2019

Great walk, was 4 hours and 10 minutes from Baroon to Kondalilla Falls and back. The hike back up to Baroon was the hardest part. Nearly trod on a snake

MattyM on 14 Apr, 2019

I did this walk starting at kondalilla falls and finishing at Baroon Pocket was truly a fantastic walk, next time I'll do the return trip .Highly recommended for experienced walkers

Rachael on 28 Jan, 2019

Great walk watch out for snakes

Keegan on 29 Nov, 2018

Did this walk today, trail is in good condition and very easy to navigate.
2 green tree snakes were seen as well as a few goannas.
The rock pools above the falls are a perfect for a half way dip.

Wonderer on 27 Dec, 2017

Take togs and towel so you can swim at kondallilla !

Hayley Fourro on 23 Dec, 2017

Awesome walk but not what I'd call easy. Grade 4
With lots of uphill.

Natty on 1 Jul, 2017

I walked from a beautiful B&B on Allara Rd: Allara Homestead to the entrance to the circuit & did the 4.4 km circuit, beautiful easy walk with plenty to see including a red bellied black & a large goanna on the track. There hadn't been a lot of rain so the waterfall wasn't flowing, but the rock pool made up for it. My hike in total was all up was roughly 10km, would definitely go again, though there was plenty of foot traffic being a peak period, it would be hard to get a close parking spot during this time.

Bernie on 1 Jan, 2017

I found the length of this track pretty challenging but I loved it!! Beautiful scenery and I loved the different types of forests all this track. Highly recommend!

AmyKT on 2017

Fairly easy walk - just that ascent back up to Baroon Lookout seemed way harder than it should!

Great to have a swim in the rock pools at Kondilla, saw around 12 Goannas and one huge carpet snake.

Chris on 30 Oct, 2016

Great walk from Barron Pocket to Kondalilla Falls and back. Great swimming hole at Kondalilla Falls but very busy. The descent down on the way to Kondalilla Falls is a fairly arduous ascent on the way back but manageable and worth the effort for this walk. Be sure to stop at Flat rock for a swim or break.

Kay on Apr, 2016

An amazing walk. The first part of the walk is very quiet, almost no-one on the path, even on a Saturday afternoon. The Narrow Lookout and Baroom Lookout are very much worth visiting, the views are amazing. When getting to the falls and circuit track, the amount of traffic increases and there will be a lot of people on the track.
A great and interesting walk!

Nevele on 12 Mar, 2016

Did this walk starting from Kondalilla and back. Last hour and a half in the dark as started too late. Made a very interesting finish! Lovely peaceful hike

julieo on 10 May, 2015

Longish walk. Not sure if i did the full round 20 km... maybe. Nice and easy, just time consuming. Can dip in the pool at the falls. Water was freezing.

Philos on 25 Apr, 2015

Absolutely beautiful walk! Did this as part of kokoda training and loved it. Many leeches though

Kate on 24 Jan, 2015

The creek running alongside this creek is so beautiful and special :) Challenging hike but very rewarding :)

AmyKT on 2015

The views are amazing. stopped in a few locations to just take in the scenery.
Heavy rain and thunder came unexpectedly so had an exhilarating (long) run back to the car park. this was the second time coming here and will definitely be back soon.

wendyd on 27 Aug, 2014

Did this on same day as Mapleton National Falls as close by, easy walk !

J on 16 Apr, 2014

We walked from Baroon Dam to the base of the falls and returned. We didn't start till 1pm so we didn't stop too much and tried to walk fairly quickly. It still took us 5 hours though. No leaches today but we did see a green tree snake which slithered away very quickly when it saw us coming.

Ian and Sue on 8 Feb, 2014

A beautiful walk that at times I lost to the undergrowth. It travels through some spectacular country through many varying terrain, creek and forest types. well worth another trip.

Viking on 13 Apr, 2012


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