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I attempted the climb solo and found it not too difficult. Slightly easier than Mt Beerwah and the view up top was worth the climb. Got up in 45mins and down in 60 mins.

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This mountain involves a short hike from the car park to the base of the mountain and then rock climbing the whole way up. Some parts were almost vertical but there are a lot of good hand/foot holds.
I have done Beerwah previously and I found Beerwah WAY WAY scarier.

Celine on 1 Jun, 2019

I preferred Beerwah to Tibrogargan, however I climbed Tibrogargan straight after Beerwah and was perhaps slightly tired having never done scrambling. The view from the Summit was great. The first part was definitely the most challenging. Started getting warm on the rock around 9, so id recommend doing it early. Mozzies were horrendous so definitely take spray if you are prone to being eaten.

xxxNickyxxx on 9 Mar, 2019

A lot of people are quite casual about doing this hike but if you are not sure footed and are nervous about heights you may find it quite frightening.
I recommend taking flexible soft soled shoes as although supportive boots are good for the loose uneven trail at the bottom of the mountain you may find them an unstable hindrance once on the rock face.

Allan on 9 Feb, 2019

Tibro is a challenging climb but well worth the effort. It isn't for the faint of heart - most of the trail requires scrambling and there are few flat ledges large enough for several people to rest. It starts with an uphill trail until you reach 'chicken rock', which is the steepest portion of the climb. From there, it is more of a scramble than a climb, but it doesn't get easier if you're afraid of heights. At the summit, continue through to the other side for great views over the sunshine coast.
Good fitness levels are needed for this climb and wear good running/approach shoes with decent grip (no hiking boots!). Don't attempt this in the wet. I was glad to have had some rock climbing experience before tackling Tibro and I would recommend doing this hike/scramble with someone who has climbed before.

Rhi on 28 Dec, 2018

My aunt and I often climb this mountain early in the morning, before lots of people arrive.

The climb begins as an increasingly strenuous bushwalk which begins as a leisurely stroll before progressing into steep rock hopping. At the end of this, the first wall is reached. There are a few ways to go about this; most people seem to gravitate towards the steep, confined cleft between the walls, but there is an easier, alternate way around to the left. Climbing up to the right is also an option.

After this, navigation is simple; generally it's easy to follow the erosion. Seldom-touched rocks are black, but most of the climbing route is white, and a bit slipperier and more scarcely vegetated. Handholds and footholds are not difficult to find. As you climb, the gradient lessens somewhat, and it generally gets easier the higher up you go (not considering exhaustion).

There are always plenty of handholds and footholds. So long as you concentrate on placing your hands and feet and deftly maneuvering yourself, there is little risk of falling. I'd argue that Tibrogargan is easier than Beerwah, due to Beerwah's very slippery nature (on the usual route, at least), and its smaller amount of solid holds like there are on Tibrogargan. Certainly, Beerwah is more technically challenging.

In summary, Tibrogargan is a fun climb and a good way to exercise your whole body. It can be done reasonably quickly and easily with practice.

meadharry on 25 Nov, 2018

Did the first part to the first rock face on the market track ... didn’t even make to chicken rock? Was about 10am way too hot.. very steep track with lots of loose rocks .. the track ? well it marked but certainly not smooth paving . Essentially just stepping from rock to’re legs will burn and you’ll be puffing if youre not fit

David S on 4 Nov, 2018

A great walk / hike / climb with a rewarding view at the top. Maybe not the best hike for someone who is scared of heights!

Eric Bates on 1 Sep, 2018

Tough as

Caleb J. Stanton on 18 Jun, 2018

I thought people were exaggerating, turns out it is rather steep haha Starts off with a hike then turns into a climb. There is one tricky part where you have to climb a small vertical rise, however it looks a lot bigger on the way down trying to find your footing. That being said I found it to be easier on the way back down being that you can use your bum as an extra limb and have 5 points of contact. After that rise which is right near the start of the climb it becomes progressively easier until you reach the top. Once there continue walking to the other side of the summit to find an excellent viewing platform. Wasn't too physically draining but there is a fair bit of exposure to heights. Good practice for Mt Beerwah.

Vonsnrub on 6 Apr, 2018

Great climb and one that you certainly can feel good about yourself once you get to the top. Chicken Rock at about halfway up is the point you'll reach where you make the decision to keep going or turn back. It is basically a 90 degree vertical climb using hand/foot holds approximately 25 - 30 meters in height.

Loose rock can be an issue underfoot if you do not watch where you are placing your feet so be sure to be mindful in that regard.

A great feather in the cap and looking forward to completing it again in the near future.

Steve on 18 Mar, 2018

Felt happy to conquer this today after an aborted solo attempt a year ago. Hard at the start - still challenging as you go but gets somewhat easier. Views at the top aren’t as good as I was expecting. Much too exposed for my liking and the day after I went a climber fell 30 metres on this track and had to be lifted out by a helicopter.

Juiced Pixels on 27 Jan, 2018

terrifying, amazing and just wow! Will do again. Very hard but definitely worth it.

ezza1386 on 7 Nov, 2017

very hard

alenka on 7 Oct, 2017

very hard

alenka on 7 Oct, 2017

The first bit is hardest but becomes progressively easy as you ascend, would not recommend it if you are not fit, involves lots of scrambling rather than hiking after the initial walk up to the point where the main ascent starts, challenge well worth in terms of physical although the view at the top whilst nice isn't a wow, still is a reward when u reach the top. Best done early morning, make sure to give warning to climbers below if you dislodge any rocks, do not attempt when it's wet/raining. As always, carry water.

TK on 30 Sep, 2017

Phew, what a rock....Mt. Tibogargan! For our little group of three fellas, first time. Looked abit daunting, especially to me, being more of the hiker. It was a great ascent, Plan, look footholds. Heaps of social, for chats, share experience. Even a kid of twelve, remarked up the top...Helmet, hydro(water pack) long bro, gave me five, with him bare foot, shorts and t-shirt...That's my Aussie compatriots! Sat on ledge enjoying the views, blue skies, Sunny as! Trip down, could have been difficult, if not for abit of advice, then eyes on the job, one step at a time, boots and hands lodged...very interesting. Many groups, all up say 100 plus coming up. On my way down, dislodged, a rock about 25mm, yelled heaps loud, my son, 20 meters below swerved, and avoided, woman, ducked! I think the importance of having protection, and safety for all. As it says down the bottom, rocks will be dislodged, be mindful, and observant!
listen out! Everyone, were friendly, chatty amongst groups, doing a chosen goal. Great Mountain, good testy one. Will do again one day.
Have fun.

Legs eleven - Dave on 9 Sep, 2017

well worth the effort

gizmobazz on 17 Jun, 2017

Part hike, part free rock climb. Definitely had to push through fear of heights.

Summer Long on 16 Apr, 2017

Done the walk heaps of times. Always fun. Nice quick climb that will still challenge you.

Lawdaddy on Apr, 2017

Great morning, TIP: get there early as on the way was getting busy and bottleneck at chicken rock. Great views at the top well worth it.

DanF on 11 Mar, 2017


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