Mt Tibberoowuccum

Glass House Mountains

A walk around the mountain with a nice ascent.

Scrambling or Climbing
No Dogs Permitted
Maximum Elevation

Getting there

From the Bruce Highway turn into Steve Irwin Drive and turn left just after Mt Tibrogargan over some railway lines into Barrs Rd. Follow this past Mt Tibrogargan carpark to the next carpark about 800m.



Route/Trail notes

From the carpark follow the firetrail with signs for Trachyte circuit. This goes in a westerly direction. The mountain is kept on your right. Follow the firetrail till you get to the western side of the mountain and look for a track on your right ascending the mountain. Follow this up for about 15 minutes it will level out keep walking till you get to a rocky dome and an easy scramble to the top. Excellent views from here. To descend retrace your steps and when back at the firetrail  either turn left or right and folow trails around the base in either direction till back at car. On the Northern side i found the second to last firetrail turn was the best.

Alternate Route: From the trachyte carpark go back out to Barrs Rd and head left. Continue for 2 minutes along the road before entering the 4wd track marked as T212. Head right at the 3-way fork and follow for about 300m and keep a lookout on the left side of the track for a small cairn marking the start of the climb. From here it is easy to keep to the track all the way to the top. Climb over a few rocks and scramble up the knob. Retrace your steps to the bottom or descend via the south ridge to the fire trails. 



Other References

The Peak Baggers Guide to the Sunshine Coast ( although parking information out of date)


As others have said, can be difficult to find entry point. Once you find it though, it's a nice climb up with good views, and is usually quiet, probably because it's not clearly marked like other trails are. You can see people (dots) climbing Tibrogargen from here.

Take a Hike on Oct, 2017

The less popular of the glass house family but a lovely mountain with a nice peak at the top.

Nice walk/climb/scramble..not another person in sight.. Easy to miss the path hence be prepared and read up on how to get to the path. Instructions below

1. Park at the second Trachyte circuit carpark which is around 800 m further down the road from the main one (which is the car park for climbing mount tibrogargan)
2. Walk back onto the main road(Barrs road) and turn left and continue walking till u come across a T212 sign to your left. Take that path, its a 4WD road(watch out for any 4WD's) and go up to an intersection then take the road to your right and continue walking till u see a pile of stones to your left with a path THATS the path keep following it till you get to the top you will see more of these stone piles along the way which means you are on the correct path
3. Once you get to the top of the climb look to your left and you will see a path on the saddle which will take you to the base of the peak. (Its a bit rocky so take care of your ankles)
4. Once you get to the base of the peak it is just a short scramble to the top nothing too difficult.
5 Once on top enjoy great views especially of Mount Tibrogargan
6 Easy to get lost on the way down so either take pictures or keep those piles of stones in mind and follow those down. In the event you do get lost on the way down like I did just follow one of the 4WD paths back onto Barrs road and then look for mount Tibrogargan and walk towards it. Good opportunity to take postcard worthy photographs of tibrogargan :)

Would definitely recommend this one over Tibrogargan if you want to do a climb with less /no people or if you want to practice a bit of scrambling before tackling Tibrogargan/Beerwah.

All up this takes around 40 minutes if you only do the climb and not the circuit around the mountain.

Good luck and have fun this mountain is amazing.. would recommend also doing the Jack Ferris look out after/before this as that look out give you the best views of the peak of this mountain on the way there and amazing views of all the glass house mountains when you get to the lookout

Ashwin on 24 Jun, 2017

Quiet walk - didn't see anyone else. Awesome views

Chanelle on 9 Apr, 2017

Great walk, didn't manage to find the pile of rocks but i still managed to get to the summit. Ended up walking around the entire Mountain and stumbling onto the path up.

Maverick on 7 Apr, 2017

Great walk! Awesome views! We parked at Trachyte Car Park and walked back on Barrs Road taking the T212 route. VERY steep! But not too much of a challenge. When you get to the top, it is a bit overgrown and the track to the "real" summit can be missed. It is left of the flat rock. Contains some rock climbing at the end but nothing a child can't do. We recommend walking sticks for support on the steep bits. We left 2 resting on the T212 sign :)

Samuel Armstrong on 1 Mar, 2017

Awesome views from up top!

Shmoopty on 6 Oct, 2016

Nice hike

Jin Kim on 24 Sep, 2016

The trail isn't very well marked. We stumbled across it by accident whilst exploring the Glasshouse Mountains in our 4WD. This was the fourth time climbing Mt Tibberoowuccum. It's tough going if you're unfit (me). The going can also be tricky if the ground is wet so take care.

Jazz The Boxer on 21 Aug, 2016

A little tricky to find - look for the small '212' sign about a few hundred metres west of the Trachyte Circuit overflow carpark (not the Tibrogargan car park (just about opposite the large newish house). There is a 4WD trail here - follow it, and it will head uphill and eventually curve right . Keep an eye out for a pile of stones on the left 60 metres or so after the curve, the trail for the summit starts here. It's not super defined but it is fairly clear. You'll come across a second pile of stones in a few hundred metres so you know you're on your way. Not a particularly hard climb - the Beerburrum path is physically more demanding - but there is a little bit of rock climbing to be done at the end, but nothing too hard. The descent from the peak looks a little scary on first look but you have a couple of alternative routes to get down, I'd suggest the loose rock and gravel of the path further down is more hazardous.

Vat on 17 Aug, 2016

Couldn't find the track so I literally went straight through the scrub, lots of loose rocks which was pretty challenging, reached the summit - views totally worth the effort though! Found the marked track upon decent, made for a much easier hike! Oops.

courtlalala on 29 Jul, 2016

Got a bit lost trying to find and ended up up going up the old fire trail apparently. It was a good walk though and the rock climbing at the very top was fun for everyone except my 8 yr old who didn't make it as she's not very coordinated.

Karen on 26 Jul, 2016

Went up via the Barrs rd entrance at the 'T212' 4wd track.
From the trachyte carpark go back out to the road and turn left, follow this until you find the 4wd track with the T212 sign. Turn right at the first junction (3-ways) and follow until you see the rock cairn on the left side of the track. Follow all the way up.
Far easier and quicker than the route going up the south side of the mountain (although you dont get to see 4wd's getting bogged.)

Zerpy on 22 May, 2016

We had a lot of trouble finding the track, and it would have been much easier if we had read everyone else's comments first. We started looking for a track off to the left of the Trachyte Circuit, but couldn't find one. We ended up walking the entire Trachyte Circuit before having another look. While doing this we found another couple looking for it too. We followed them up the 4WD track that others have talked about, and obviously didn't go far enough. The other couple were checking online and found a blog that suggested that the way up was via a track directly off Barrs Rd, about 100m up from the carpark, so we decided to try that. There is a driveway there. We were unsure if it was a private driveway at first because there is a number on it - 212. As we couldn't find any other entrances, we took this track and followed it to the right when the road divided. We went around a bend to the right, then up a hill. On the sides of the track there are three small piles of rocks - two on the left and one on the right. Between the two on the left is the start of the track that we took up. It was quite steep - strenuous going up, and slippery going down. Care is needed, particularly near the top before the track levels out as there is a lot of loose shale. We didn't see where the other tracks were, but ended up at the top. The views are great. This track is probably a little over 1km each way.

Ian and Sue on 14 May, 2016

Track up was a little tricky to find but a great hike and great view

AdamK on 30 Apr, 2016

Attempted to solo this mountain today. Nearly fell off the trail. Nearly fell off the ridge. Got spooked by the big scary rock dome and turned around before climbing to the summit proper. Only discovered the well-formed track after I'd bushwhacked to the top through the steep sand and undergrowth. Nearly fell off the well-formed track on the way down. 10/10 would imperil self through poor planning again.

Perhaps better off going via Barrs Rd and keeping the mountain on your left, which seemed shorter than the way I went (watch out for the 4WD track). That dome at the end is bigger than it looks from the parking lot.

SkipK on 16 Apr, 2016

Awesome little hike.

We did the return along the alternate track to the right after leaving the summit.

Easy to follow, and fast!

Lachlan MacDonald on 30 Dec, 2015

Did this as a circuit, there's several routes up and down the mountain, it's just a matter of finding your way back to the carpark or the road if you choose to descend a different way. Heaps of mosquitoes, pleasant views.

Alice on 24 Nov, 2015

Great fun! we (family of 5, youngest is 6) didn't meet anyone on the actual summit path, but thoroughly enjoyed watching the little bit of 4WD action along the roads used for that purpose. The difficulty was certainly not high - nothing too scrambly although a little loose toward the top, but as a few have commented it's not signposted or tourist-ised yet so we advise reading the direction suggestions (we followed F.A.B.'s).

Mark on 11 Oct, 2015

23min ascent
14min descent

Simone Klemm on 5 Aug, 2015

This is a bit of fun for everyone. Used directions from fellow walker blog.
Entering from the car park and following trail anti clockwise till reaching a cross road with 4WD track. Take this 4WD track right till you get to a rubble fire trail. You can turn right and follow this to the top with a roundabout way using faint bush trail. HOWEVER, if you had kept going along the 4WD trail and kept the mountain to your right for another 5min, you would come across a more used trail to the top (we descended down this so much easier). The 4WD tracks were in use so watch out and stay close to the sides (amazing watching them navigate the HUGE ruts).

F.A.B (Ferguson.Adventure.Bunnies) on 5 Jul, 2015


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