Idalia National Park

Popular Walks

2.7 km return
90 mins

Bullock Gorge

Bullock Gorge walk—2.7km return (Allow 1–2hrs)
Grade 3
The start of Bullock Gorge walk is 14.7km north of the Monks Tank camping area. Rock markers define the walk along the Gowan Range’s ridge top through bendee shrubland. Take care here, as there are steep gorges on either side.
Look for small diggings of echidnas on the track. Watch the sun rise or set over spectacular gorges and look for yellow-footed rock-wallabies. While sitting, you have a wallaby’s eye view of the herbs they seek among the forest of trunks. Remember, bring a torch for sunset walks.

4.4 km
3 hrs

Emmet Pocket

Emmet Pock is in Idalia National park whick is 113kms south west of Blackall. This is a difficult walk with steep grades up and down the gorge walls but is well worth the effort. I found walking poles were worth there weight in gold. There are four walks to do while in this park all easier than this one.

Emmet Pocket walk—4.4km return (Allow 2–3hrs)
Grade 5
Beginning at Emmet Pocket lookout this steep meandering track leads into a gorge where the plains of the outback spread out before you—laid out like a map. Trees mark the waterways that stretch from rocks to river channels.

200 m return
30 mins

Rainbow Gorge

Rainbow Gorge walk—200m return (Allow 30–45mins to explore)
Grade 3
The entrance to Rainbow Gorge is about 4km north of Monks Tank camping area. Walk 100m downstream to see a mass of white, red and yellow-stained sandstone. The creek drains into the Barcoo River via Thornleigh Creek.

1.2 km
1 hr

Wave Rock

This is an easy walk and one of three easy walks that make up this parks attractions. The tracks can be hard to find at times but the grading is easy although very stony, the wave rock feature is the highlight of this walk and provided great views of the surrounding park.

Wave rock walk—1.2km return (Allow 1–2hrs)
Grade 4
From Old Idalia, walk past the old ship’s tank to reach the cliff overhang shaped like a wave. Wind, sun and time are nature’s carving tool here; sunset is the paintbrush. Panoramic views from the top of the cliff give an idea of the size of the park and its diverse vegetation.