Mt Warning Summit trail

Mt Warning National Park

A trail to the summit of Mt Warning offers beautiful 360 degree views of the great dividing range from the peak. Lots of steps, can be slippery. A steep climb to the summit using chains, but the views from the top is worth it!

Scrambling or Climbing
Maximum Elevation
Total Climb

Getting there

You can drive to the base of Mt Warning in a normal vehicle by following roads out of Murwillumbah. 


Burringbar 1:25,000 (NSW 9541-2S)

Route/Trail notes

The walk up is through subtropical and temperate rainforest, wet sclerophyll forest and heath shrubland. The final 10% of the journey involves scrambling up a rock face using chains as a guide and help. The top of the mountain has well established seating and lookout areas that have 360 degree views


You do not need any permits and there is no associated cost.

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Pretty tough hike up mostly because every single step is a step up all the way up and a step down all the way down. So if you're not young or super fit it will be a challenge for the calves! It's a fairly cool walk up though so that helps. I would recommend taking an electrolyte drink if you are prone to build up in the legs like I am, as my legs were like jelly the whole way down slowing me down. My favorite part was the rock chain climb at the top. A disappointingly amount of rubbish up the top underneath the platforms with fruit scraps scattered around. So many banana peels, apple cores and watermelon husks everywhere. It's really disgraceful. The drawback to this hike is the amount of people doing it. We saw at least 100 people. We did Mt Cordeux 7 days later and we saw 8 people - much better!

BeckNWood on 31 Dec, 2018

Amazing, enjoyable hike! The last 400m rock scramble was very easy as there's a chain and plenty of foot holds.

isa09 on 4 Dec, 2018

Such an amazing hike! I would do it again in an instant. Sunrise was perfection 😍👌🏼

Kirst on 24 Oct, 2018

Such an amazing hike! I would do it again in an instant. Sunrise was perfection 😍👌🏼

Kirst on 24 Oct, 2018

Nice walk on a clear path through some lovely forest. The scrabble up the chain at the end has foot grooves so not too bad but a pair of gloves is handy coming down.
The 5.5 hours is a good estimate for someone of age with reasonable fitness. Younger & more fit should finish quicker.
Spectacular views from the Border Ranges to the ocean.

Cheryl on 19 Sep, 2018

Nice walk, the rock scramble was much easier than we anticipated and would be achievable for most people without too much drama.

Daisy on 16 Sep, 2018

Up is easy, down is the worst!

Jesse on 28 Aug, 2018

Bring a flashlight even if you don't plan on returning in the dark. It was a lovely day, a hard trek but well worth it. Only sad part about it was the rubbish (toilet paper and beverage containers). Thank you to all the advice from fellow climbers and clear signage. Path is easy to follow even in the dark but made much safer with a light :) it took my partner and I 7 hours return as we have low to mid range fitness.

BouiBoui on 20 Aug, 2018

As always a good cardio workout!

Steve on 12 Aug, 2018

I highly recommend this walk once you get to the top the views are magnificent, the track is unforgiving and not for the unfit do not attempt it if it is your first walk in the park and unfit.

Juanita on 12 Aug, 2018

Birthday Hike!! Beautiful hike through the forest, with a short scramble at the end which wasn't difficult. Took us about 4.5 hours with a break at the top. Loads of people around. Had a great lunch and cake at a nearby Cafe afterwards.

Leith on 28 Jul, 2018

A relatively easy walk with a short scramble towards the top. My only advice is to choose the right day and time to do this walk, as its popularity at times means the trail becomes over crowded with people, like was the case yesterday, when 50+ people decided to do it at the same time in pitch black at around 4/430 am for sunrise.

Ryan on 14 Jul, 2018

What a view!! Amazing spot to watch sunrise be sure to pack the camera

Kcdixon on 10 Jul, 2018

Went for a sunrise hike. It was a tad chilly so make sure you take a jacket for the top. There was a bit of cloud around but it cleared up enough for us to see some of the sunrise and the view was great.

Bec on 25 Jun, 2018

This was an incredible experience, a test of fitness on the was up and logic on the way down. Beautiful surroundings, would definitely do this again.

DesmOgirl on 24 Jun, 2018

Awesome hike, couldn't see anything from up top, was very cloudy and slightly raining.

Maverick on 3 Jun, 2018

Did a sunrise walk up Mt Warning - so many people and young kids drinking booze and smoking dope. We moved to another platform to watch the sunrise and it was wonderful watching the light touch to surrounding area. Photos from the top were wonderful and the track wasn't too bad at all. It took my partner and 1.5 hours to reach the summit and was faster coming back down, we were held up with some other people who were a bit scared of the descent. The Track however was littered with rubbish and toilet paper which was disgusting - people need to learn to take their rubbish with them.
Hot tip ** take gloves for the chains, makes it much easier for grip and saves your hands :)

LizMcD on 22 May, 2018

Took my partner and I 1 hour and 32 mins ascent! Easy walk until you get to the last 400 meters when the chains start— it was over before we know it! Definitely bring a jacket cause I did not (Silly me).

It was wet all the way up due to the rain overnight. amazing walk! Most people were coming down from their sunrise hike so there wasn't a lot of people when we got to the top.

Well maintained track with one or two lookouts on the way.

Celine on 7 May, 2018

Very busy mountain, heaps of people coming up with climbers of all ages. The walk was actually not dissimilar from Mt Mitchell for the most part, very easy and gradual climb apart from the last 400m being a steep rock staircase. Plenty of things to hang onto (including a chain) and was quite do-able even in the wet. Which was just as well because the moment we got to the top it bucketed down, didn't see any view unfortunately. If the forecast says anything other than 'clear and sunny', you'll probably experience the same. Took about 80 minutes on the way up and slightly less on the way down.

Vonsnrub on 7 May, 2018

Hiked up for the sunrise on ANZAC day. Very busy at the top, about 50 other hikers. The last post was played and a minutes silence at sunrise. Thank-you to the hiker that carried the speaker up. Great hike, well worth doing. Was cloudy, but had moments where they parted to see the view. Will return again on a clear day. (1.45 up, 1.30 down.)

Dan on 25 Apr, 2018


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