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Curtis Falls (Tamborine National Park)
18 Mar, 2023
1.2km return
45 mins
A really short & easy track, but still absolutely beautiful.
Mount Edwards (Moogerah Peaks National Park)
Jan, 2023
6km return
3 hrs
I'm here to weigh in for the unhealthy & overweight people lol...
It is possible, but difficult. I'd say roughly 3/4 of the track is stepping up large rocks, because I'm short and fat it felt like climbing to me lol...
It took me about 2 hours up and 2 hours down. I thought going down would be quicker, but as I was wearing shoes that had no grip I kept standing on loose rocks and losing my balance.

As an overweight person it was quite a challenge, but a huge sense of achievement when I got to the top.
Mee-bor-rum Circuit (Moogerah Peaks National Park)
Dec, 2022
840m return
20 mins
Short and easy, but still pretty.
North Cliff Track (Moogerah Peaks National Park)
Dec, 2022
Very Easy
720m return
15 mins
Short & easy, but still pretty.