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Highfields Falls Walking Trails (Toowoomba)
31 Oct, 2020
3km return
1 hr
Lots of small circuits, all easy walking, pebbled paths. Pretty after some rain has greened it up and there's a little bit of water on the falls.
Mt Peel Walking Tracks (Toowoomba)
14 Oct, 2020
3.4km return
90 mins
You can walk the foot tracks or map out your own route along the vehicle tracks, though use a map because signage isn't everywhere. There are plenty of options for any length of walk and 5 great lookouts on the mt, some with 360 degree views. Short steep parts but lots of easy walking too. A lot of roos around in the afternoon.
Grasstree Track - Eagle's Nest Trail Loop, Redwood Park (Toowoomba)
13 Oct, 2020
2 hrs
This area has a lot of tracks but only the vehicle-wide and fire-breaks seem to be marked. I started at Bridge St entrance at top of the range - down via Redwood Forest Walk to the picnic area at the bottom of the range. Most of that track is wide, quite pleasant and easy walking, though dry loose gravel makes downhill a bit slippery. Not very green at the moment - weeds being treated so a lot of dead undergrowth.
At the bottom the Rainforest Walking Circuit is a 400m loop through the trees which would be very pretty if not so dry atm.
I then went back up via the Grass Tree Track to Eagles Nest Trail (north side) and detoured off to a foot track along the creek edge - then joined the Redwood Bridle Trail to the top. That is wide but quite steep, will definitely get your heart going.
The main track is fire-break wide but not really well signed - some signs at junctions are broken, and placement is a bit confusing so check the map for your turn direction or you could accidentally do a loop back down.
Smaller foot tracks branching off along the creek are beautiful but again, not signed or mapped that I could find. Couldn't find any creeks with water, not even pools, very dry.