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Toolona Creek Circuit (Lamington National Park)
2 Apr, 2020
19.8km return
7 hrs
The track was quite damp and muddy in patches and I stopped for lots of photos of the beautiful little waterfalls, so it took a bit longer than I planned (4.5hrs - however I mostly jogged the last 6km).
Really nice walk, if you do the track clockwise it means the last third will be in the coolness of higher altitude and mostly downhill. However if you did it counter clockwise, you might be able to stop for a swim in one of the waterfalls closer to the trailhead at the end.
Great walk to find Lamington cray, saw a couple of big ones on the track, a few dozen in the water. Spotted a few dingoes on the way out which pretty cool!
Morans Falls (Lamington National Park)
27 Mar, 2020
4.4km return
90 mins
Nice little walk, even amid the Covid-19 there was still a dozen people there for sunset (on a friday), so I'd imagine that it cant get quite busy sometimes. If you're walking back in the dark, be careful where you shine your light as there was a couple of very small patches of glow worms.
Python Rock (Lamington National Park)
27 Mar, 2020
3.4km return
1 hr
Did this before Moran's Falls for sunset. I'd recommend taking the detour. This walk has quite a lot of information about the trees along the walk, when you get to a big hollowed out tree near the end of the walk, the track hairpins to the left (I didn't see it and followed what I thought was the track in the opposite direction initially.
Gorge Falls (Springbrook National Park)
Dec, 2019
4km return
2 hrs
We did the walk a few months ago in Dec when it was really dry. The waterfalls still had a trickle, it was easy enough to rock hop most of the way, however we were helped out because we passed a group of people (who were returning) at the creek junction, otherwise we might not have taken the right direction
Mt Cougal (Springbrook National Park)
5 Sep, 2019
5 hrs
Did the walk on the 5th of Sept with a friend. Very Dry at the moment.
It took about 2 hours to get the cave, to get this far you don't follow any pink tags, just stick to the fence until you get to a bit a scramble at the end. There was a couple there that told me the path no longer goes any further, however it did. It was only a couple of minutes to the East Peak from here. We ventured on towards the West Peak, following the instructions from this site. My friend didn't feel comfortable going all the way (there is a few nice lookouts on the way that she stayed at). It took about an hour for me to get from the East to West Peak, however this included stopping for photos at the smaller peaks on the way. The East peak has a better hinterland view, however the west has a better coastal view.
The path back from West to East was much harder to navigate - I did the same as a previous commenter by losing the path before rejoining later. It took about 40min to get back to the East Peak, and well less than 2hours down to the car from there, however I was keeping a fast pace as I had been seperated from my friend. She started to head back solo, however she didn't make it back to the fence, instead she kept following the pink ribbons and ended up on the path to Cougal Cascades. If anyone is wondering, if you follow the pink ribbons north, they still guide a path which makes a bit of a horseshoe shape, before coming out upstream on the northside of the sawmill at Cougal Cascades, the ribbons themselves are sometimes quite close together, sometimes 100m+ apart (particularly at the cascades end). Massive thanks to whoever put the markers there!

Overall, a very rewarding hike, great views at the end. The East is good, if you're after a bit of a challenge the West is better